Sunday, September 21, 2014

Twelfth Doctor

Who else here adores the new Doctor? I don't even quite know what it is about him, but I really like how he is being portrayed so far; he has that perfect balance of Classic Who and New Who in my opinion. I think part of it is him being older. As a teenager who loves classic Doctor Who as well as New Doctor Who, I feel like I can kind of be a bit more objective about this because I didn't grow up with the classic series, yet even though I saw the new series first, I feel that I love them both equally, so let's begin. Geronimo! First off, I'll admit a bit of bias right here and now. Even though Matt Smith's Doctor was okay, and I definitely did not hate his portrayal, I never really favoured him. I was really attatched to Tennant's era, so maybe that's part of the reason, but honestly, I don't think it is. Part of it I know, which has been a problem for me with most of the new series and I will be bringing this up later, was how much his companions seemed to fancy him in is newer, younger incarnations, and I mean, I get. I'll admit to hvaing an itty bitty crush (okay, maybe more than itty bitty) on David Tennant; I found him incredibly attractive. But I feel like what bothered me the most was that the Doctor seemed to fancy his companions as well (of course, not all of them), especially in his eleventh incarnate. The Eighth Doctor was the first to kiss a companion, and I didn't agree with it then either. Not only is the Doctor not human (I feel like there would be laws against Time Lords and humans being intimately involved anyway), but he is also old enough to be most of his companions' great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather, even if he doesn't look it. Now, I know that this may seem off topic, but hang in there, i swear this as something to do with Twelve. The Doctor looks old again. Now, if any of you guys have not seen some of the Classic Who Doctors, I'll break down their ages for you. William Hartnell, the first Doctor, was fifty five (the same age as Capaldi) when he began his role as the alien Doctor. The second (Patrick Troughton) was 46 while we go up again with 50 year old Jon Pertwee. The eccentric, jelly baby loving furth Doctor (Tom Baker) was 40 and then we dip low for the, at the time, youngest Doctor played by Peter Davison at just 29 years. The sixth Doctor went back up to 40 with Colin Baker and 44 as the seventh with Sylvester McCoy. Paul McGann (36) was the first to romantisize the series. Now with Chis Eccleston (41), David Tennant (34, although he doesn't look it in my opinion) and the current youngest Doctor, Matt Smith (27) it is believable that some of his young companions would be attracted to him, but I always felt tat it was almost fan-service, and once I discovered the old series, I wondered 'what the heck happened here'. I feel that with the older twlefth Doctor, we may be able to get back to the feel of the older series. On top of that, he is very contrasting to his previous incarnation, Matt Smith's eleventh Doctor in not only his appearance, not even just his personality, but also in the way he interacts with his companion, Clara Oswald. It feels as though with Eleven she was almost in control, the one who called the shots. With Twelve, she is unable to do that, and to me, it feels more like The Doctor. Now, don't get me wrong, as a female myself, I was all for a chick bossing around the Doctor at times, but to me, the Doctor just didn't feel the Doctor anymore. The twelfth Doctor is arrogant, bossy, and self-rightous so far, which has almost always been the basis of his personality, save for maybe the fifth Doctor. Enough of my opinion though, this is about the Twelfth Doctor, not about why I really like him. So let us start with personality. As he is has proclaimed multiple times, he is no longer much of a hugging person, and is just as condescending to the human race as always, calling Earth the "planet of the pudding brains" in the first episode he is in. The slightly sad thing is that this episode is the one where, probably due to his post-regenerative trauma, he is nicer than in any other episode so far. He is definitely more controlling than before, and is probably the most forceful. It honestly shocked me when he yelled at Clara in "Listen" to "Do as you are told", not because he has never yelled at a companion before or ordered a companion into the safety of the TARDIS when things get too danger, and he has absolutely become frustrated with his companions when they don't listen to him, but how furious and forceful was almost new to how he would speak with his companions. Even the sixth Doctor, who fought with Peri all the time, never screamed at her like that. He is brutally honest with a dry, sarcastic wit and even comes across as uncaring, but so far, it still feels that he is protective of those in his care, which I hoe never changes. He dislikes mimes, babysitters, bantering, and karaoke and similar to his seventh incarnation can be manipulative, and cares more for the greater good, willing to leave one person behind in order to save the majority. Also similar to his seventh incarnation is his Scotish accent. Even when held at gun-point, he does not tolerate poor manners, which becomes highly amusing. Although I mentioned that Clara cannot seem to boss him around, there are times where he will take orders from her, but they usually are minor orders such as sitting down and shutting up, and he still seems to be less inclined to take orders, more inclined to give them. Either way, I really hope as we see more of him, we will discover more of this Doctor and his personality. It is possible that this season is attempting a sixth Doctor sort of plot line where his original personality is "unlikable" and eventually he becomes more easy to like later on, but seeing as the sixth Doctor was one of my favorites, I honestly don't mind if he stays the way he is. Either way, unless you own a TARDIS, we will have to find out together as the season continues.

The Sting Ray Whisperer!

I went to Discovery Cove for the second time in my life, and apparantly, the sting/manta rays really enjoy my company. They frequently would just come up to me and stay there forever. One of them even had its fin on me and would not let go; I am not exagerating when I say it literally had a grip on me. Some of the smaller ones would be swimming along the bottom and just randomely pop up closer to the surface where my hand was and stay there until I pet it. I'm not sure if these aquatic animals are just used to human contact and crave attention, or what, but I know it wasn't happening to my parents. I'm the freaking STING RAY WHISPERER!