Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nine drugs more dangerous than cannabis

I don't want to get into a huge debate about the legalization of marijuana where I live, but I will say that I was born in Maine and they seem to be doing just fine after the legalization. Of course, that's just Maine; how many pot heads do we have there? So anyway, here are a list of legal substances recognized as more dangerous than weed. This is in no particular order by importance or anything. 1. Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas): Okay, this may not completely count because technically only doctors are supposed to have a hod of this stuff, but I have heard of small doses being sold on the streets (I'm not sure if that is legal or not though), but either way, even the doses you might recieve at the dentist's office can cause nerve damage, death, and can be hihgly addictive. 2. Alcohol: The term "Drugs and Alcohol" is highly redundant, seeing as a drug is anything which affects the mind, and what substance do most adults in America consume every day that effects the mind more than alcohol? Deaths brought on by alcohol include but are not limited to alcohol poisoning, switch in temperment which can cause behaviors unnatural to that specific person and get them into trouble (such as involving themselves in a knife fight), and reckless driving. In the long run, it is much more dangerous than many recreational drugs, both legal and not. 3. Spice (K2): This is a synthetic version of marijuana -ironic, isn't it? It is also more lethal than the natural plant, inducing violent seizures, intense hallucination, and a heart beat so fast the organ can fail right then and there. 4. Common Cough Medicine: It doesn't matter what type or what brand, all cough syrups, gels, and pills contain the chemical known as DMX (dextromethorphan) which can cause brain damage, seizures, brief loss of senses such as sight, and even death in extreme cases. Of course, that is only when the chemical is extracted from the other ingredients, as obviously drinking "too much" syrup usually only causes vomitting which can save someone's life if they consume a toxic substance. However, many teens are finding ways to consume this drug found within almost every household's medicine cabinet and can pay a hefty price for it. 5. Helium: If anyone has ever seen that old show "1000 Ways to Die", you may remember a particular episode where a couple becomes trapped in a giant balloon filled with helium, dying of air embolism, or a mass of air or gas within the blood stream,(or maybe they died of suffocation, I can't quite recall). This is more than just the plot of a television program though, as many people who recreationally inhale this drug are rushed to the hospital for this ailment every day, and a lot more people die from it. On top of that, it is easy to come by. 6. Salvia is basically cannabis, but more paranoia-inducing and more addictive, yet it is legal in nearly half of the United States. 7. Huffing paint is very big with teenagers wishing to expirience hallucinations, and poor people who can't afford normal drugs. It can cause liver damage/failure, a through-the-roof heart rate, violent vomitting, pneumonia, cardiac arrest, among very many other symptoms. There is no "safe dosage" either, because one person could continue inhaling the stuff for years, while others can't take a day. Similar to helium, it is incredibly easy to purchase and on the cheap side. 8. Glue: Yes, that pack of glue that you needed to buy you son for the upcoming school year, can be as addictive as coccaine and twice as deadly as marijuana. There are so many symptos that I am not going to even make a dent in the list, but some of the more notable affects of sniffing glue are weight loss, numbness, depression, dizzingness, unwillingness to do simple tasks such as get up or eat, lack of coordination, disorientation, and so on. 9. Caffeine: Did you know you can overdose on soda? Or caffiene? I don't know about you, but I better watch out because I probably drink a gallon of Diet Soda a day. Anyway, you can overdose on it, and as Americans, we consume a whole lot from chocolate to soda to tea to coffee. It can cause addiction (half of America should've just raised their hands), weaker bones/muscles, and yes, you can die.

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