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How Do You Pronounce the Names of the Organization in Kingdom Hearts?

That title is quite the mouthful, huh? Anyway, I honestly never thought there would be so much controversy about this because the majority of the names seemed straight forward to me and a lot of them have been said in the games. So, allow me to clear somethings up about the oddball names of the fourteen members of Organization XIII, with the cannon names actually said in game, and for those which have never been said aloud, I will give my own opinion, but also some other options which are possible, and let you guys decide for yourselves. Sound good? Great, let's get started! Of course, we'll go in order.
Xemnas: His name has been said in the games. It is pronounced Zeh-m-neh-s or Zeh-m-nuh-s, depending on which character is speaking.
Ansem: This is also confirmed to be pronounced as An-s-eh-m, which is exactly how it looks to me. Even before I heard the names aloud, I always assumed these were the pronunciations simply by looking at the spelling. It always seemed obvious to me.          
Terra: T-air-uh. This should be obvious, in my opinion, since it is an actual name in our world. But, it has also been said in Birth By Sleep several times.
Xigbar: A lot of people think that his name has never been said in English, but this is untrue. In Final Mix 1.5, during the cut scenes for 358/2 Days, Saix says, "Why Xigbar it almost sounds as though you know," speaking of Namine's absence. His name is pronounced how I, and many others, have been saying it. Z-ih-g-b-ah-r. With a Z. Honestly, because the letter is missing from the language, it could have literally ended up being pronounced either way, but they went with the English version of "x" it seems.
 Braig: This one is tricky. Generally in Japanese the "ai" sound is pronounced "eye". However, that is in Japanese. Dilan is not a Japanese name and doesn't even follow the rules of Japanese. If it were to follow the Japanese language, Dilan would be D-eeh-l-on. Or rather, D-eeh-r-on. I always pronounce this as Br-ay-g. Part of the reason is because it just feels right to me when I look at the name, but also, in Japanese, it is spelled Buraigu, which feels like it would translate into Br-ay-g or Br-eye-g. Other options that I have seen are "Brag", Br-eh-g (kind of like Craig), and, as previously mentioned, Br-eye-g. It would not be Br-ai-icks, or anything similar, as I have seen some people suggest, because Saix's name is pronounced that way because of the umlaut. Besides, could any of you really say that name with a striaght face if it were the case? Because I wouldn't be able to.
Xaldin: This is confirmed to be pronounced Z-all-din. I have heard some fans call him Z-al-din, though, or Z-all-deen. I've never understood the last one; it sounds like a gender-bent version of him. Dilan: What do you think? His name is Dilan. D-ill-an.
Vexen: Also confirmed. His name is pronounced V-eh-ks-en, exactly how it looks. I don't believe I've seen anyone pronounce it any other way except for maybe V-eh-ks-in, but I feel like it is basically the same thing.
Even: Same with Dilan, his name is Even. Like Evan. Eh-v-eh-n.
Lexaeus: In Chain of Memories, his name is said as L-eh-ks-ee-us. For the longest time, I had always been trying to decide between that or L-eh-ks-ay-us, but once I played CoM, I got my answer. I have seen people pronounce this in so many ways though. I've even heard L-eh-ks-us, as well as L-ay-ks-ee-us, L-eh-ks-eye-us, and L-eh-ks-ay-ee-us. Just remember, according to the actual game, it is pronounced L-eh-ks-ee-us. I'm still getting used used to it.
Aeleus: This has never been pronounced in the game, along with Braig. I always used to pronounce it Ale-ee-us, but I have heard Uh-lie-us, Uh-l-ee-us, Eh-l-ee-us, Eh-lie-us, and Ale-eye-us. The Romaji is Ereusu, which, according to Japanese rules of the alphabet would be pronounced Ay-r(l)-ay-ooh-s-ooh. The l is in parenthesis because it is likely in English it would be pronounced as an l, which does not exist in Japanese and is more often than not replaced with an r for simplicity. This further makes me believe his name would be Ale-ee-us or possibly Ale-ee-ooh-s. I am more inclined to believe the first one.
Zexion: This has been pronounced two ways by two different people in the game. One way is Ze-ks-ee-on, and the other is Ze-ks-ee-own. Personally, I can't decide which one sounds better, but Ze-ks-ee-own sounds more Japanese to me, as it follows all the rules of Japanese pronunciation.
Ienzo: This has also been said in the games, and also should same obvious in my opinion. It is pronounced, Ee-en-z-oh. However, I have seen some people say Eye-en-z-oh or even Eye-n-z-oh. This is incorrect.
Saix: Ah, the highly debated name. I wish I could put the diaeresis but I don't know how to on Blogger, or even if it is possible, as I do not have a keyboard which includes it. I am going to admit something that I actually find rather embarrassing now; when I first got into Kingdom Hearts a long, long time ago, and had only seen the majority of these names written out, I pronounced his name Sigh-ks, simply because I couldn't find a better way to pronounce it. This is before I even knew that the "ai" is pronounced "eye" at the time. It does, however, say his name probably two or three times in the games and it is pronounced Sigh-icks. Other people have said it Sigh-axe, Sigh-eeks, Sigh-eh-ks, say-icks, and even one person saying they pronounce it Sigh, without the X for some reason. In every cutscene of the game it is pronounced, Sigh-icks.
Isa: Also pretty straight-forward. His name is pronounced Eye-s-uh, not Eeh-s-uh or Eye-say as I have seen some people say. Isa is actually a real name, and that is the pronunciation. Axel: Not only has this name been said several times throughout the games, but it also seems rather obvious to me and I have seen no debate about it. His name is pronounced A(as in cat)-ks-eh-l or A(as in cat)-ks-ol(as in old). I usually pronounce it as the latter. Lea: In the Japanese version, his name is pronounced Lee-uh, but in English, it is L-eeh. This demonstrates how the names can change in their pronunciation from Japanese to English. Demyx: His name was said in Final Mix, and it is pronounced D-eh-m-ih-ks, although I used to call him D-eh-m-eeh-ks. I've seen people say D-eeh-m-ick-s, D-eeh-m-eeh-ks, and D-eh-my-ks, but it is D-eh-m-ih-ks. Luxord: His name has never been pronounced, but I have always said L-uh-ks-or-d. I've seen others call him L-ooh-ks-or-d and L-uh-z-or-d. Marluxia: His name is said in Re:CoM as M-are-l-ooh-sh-uh. I used to pronounce it M-are-l-ooh-ks-ee-uh, and have seen others say M-are-l-ooh-she-uh, M-are-l-ooh-ks-uh, M-are-l-uh-ks-eeh-uh, and M-are-l-uh-ks-uh, but these are not the case. Larxene: Her name is pronounced L-are-ks-eeh-n, and I honestly have not seen anyone say anything different. Roxas: No one should debate this, and I have never seen anyone debate this. It has been said a thousand times in the games. Rock-s-ih-s. Sora: Technically, Sora is Roxas' Somebody, so in all fairness, I will write how you pronounce his name, but considering they remind you every three seconds, I don't feel it is necessary. S-or-uh. Ventus: *SPOILERS FOR BIRTH BY SLEEP* I count Ventus as his Somebody as well. His name is pronounced V-eh-n-t-uh-s. Xion: It is not Z-eeh-on or Ks-eeh-on, it is She-on or She-own, depending on who is speaking. Noi: Number imaginary number.
UPDATE: I totally called it! Braig is pronounced Br-aye-g in Dream Drop Distance!

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