Wednesday, December 7, 2016

So This Moron Pissing Me Off on TF2

     Alright, I am going to preface this by saying: I AM OVERREACTING. That's the thing. I know I'm overreacting, and normally, I wouldn't give this a-hole a second thought. I'm a good player, I've got a good life, I have no reason to be so angry about this. But I am. And I don't know why.
     I'm not new to Team Fortress 2. I've been playing it for like 4 or 5 years, despite it not being the type of game I normally would have picked up on my own (I don't like people, and only recently have really gotten into computer games, so a team based computer game really isn't normally up my alley), and I know that people can be idiots and jerks online, but I think this was just so new to me that in a way, I didn't know how to react. So here we go, enjoy my rant. ^^"
     I haven't played spy in a while (because everyone plays spy and you really just don't need more thank like three (even that's pushing it in my opinion) spies, but for capture the flag, the mode I was playing, spies can be pretty helpful, and no one had chosen to be spy yet. So, what the heck, let's go spy. I choose spy, and I'm pretty darn proud of myself. It's been a while, and it's been probably at least a year since I "regularly" played him, and I'm still thinking I'm pretty good. We gain another spy, but whatever, two can't hurt, and I am just zipping around, sapping sentries, getting healed by dispensers before I sap those too, destroying teleporters, backstabbing two or three enemies before zipping back to base to get more ammo/health, even if I don't really need it. And I'm racking up the points. By the way, this is Landfall, a map I know, but not like I know Tufort, for example. I don't necessarily know all the ins and outs of this map just because, well, I haven't played it as often.
     So at this point I have at least 40 points (to put this in perspective, the other spy had 20 something and the highest was in the seventies). I'm not saying I'm the best spy to ever live and I never make mistakes, but I got 40 some-odd points in like ten-eighteen minutes of the game (I know for a fact it was less than twenty at that point). And then the inevitable happens: I miss a backstab. This comes down to desperation and maybe a bit of ego. I was about to go for the kill on a medic and he starts moving with his soldier toward our intel, and I panic. Newb move, I know, but I uncloak right behind him and miss the stab. I get away safely, managing to run to cover before he even knows where I was, but still.
     And then I hear over the voice chat this kid who sounds 15 tops, something about: "JossyRose, people like you make me cringe" and blah blah blah, how I'm such a horrible spy and whatever. I just kind of ignore it and keep going, not switching to something else because, why would I? I'm treating myself to a game of spy, let me spoil myself, I've been good maining Medic and Scout and Pyro, so let me do this for me.
     So, I keep telling my team, someone needs to go with me. I've sapped the sentry they have right next to their intel like ten times but the engie is right there to fix it so it gets repaired super quickly. No one's listening. Granted, I'm sick with a sore throat and hardly any voice, so this has been in written chat. And then later on, when I haven't even screwed up, he says again how I'm a horrible spy and need to change. Well, we have a Medic, a pyro, and like four scouts, and those are my mains, so, no, I'm going to remain spy. And I say this. Over voice chat. With hardly any voice. In the morning, it had been barely a whisper, but if I strain myself, it just sounds like a sick person, so I say "nope", and his response is: "Oh you're a squeaker. That's why you're gonna be stubborn instead of benefiting the team." Exact words. Um...what? A...squeaker. Screw the "not benefiting the team" part, I'm not even going to argue that, but I'm a what? I've freaking graduated high school! He's comparing me to a twelve year old boy! Does he not realize girls don't sound like that when going through puberty? Not generally anyway. And I'm going to assume with a name like "JossyRose", he can kind of easily presume I'm a chick. When I told him my age, he just freaking refused to believe it, even after I told him I'm sick.
     By the time I left the game, at about just passed the twenty mark (21-22 ish), I had 62-63 points and had pretty much just been like "I'm done" because I was sick (no pun intended) of him and some of the other dumb comments from my team; I just was not in the mood.
     Again, pretty simple, and I've definitely heard worse. I've gotten a good amount (though not too much, I'm impressed and happy to say) of disparaging comments due to my sex. Pretty much the moment some guys hear my female voice: sexual innuendos and comments, "Hey honey, did your boyfriend let you use his account" (again, my name is JossyRose, so uh...), "Girls play this game??!". But for some reason, this was different. In a way, despite myself, it made me doubt myself. I used to MAIN spy and I was pretty good after a little bit of practice and learning from my mistakes, but I guess I'm so used to being a "pro" player that I forgot what it's like when people actually bring your SKILL into question. That hasn't happened in a while because, once again, I'm a pretty decent player. I'd even say I'm pretty good.
     Either way, I guess I just needed a platform to rant.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's Me FNAF Theory (AKA Hey, Look What I found in One of my Old Notebooks)

     So I was working on going through my old sketchbooks and notebooks and guess what I found. A way old theory that I posed in, like, Junior year. After a quick check on my posts, I realized I never put this up. So keep in mind, I wrote this before the fourth game came out and have typed it up EXACTLY as written (sans a couple spelling mistakes since I was writing this quickly in AP Physics):

     Was it you? Or was it me? I knew this franchise wasn't done (I still think there needs to be five games, five Five Nights at Freddy's) and we seem to be nearing the release of FNAF 4, my mind has been working. So, if any of you guys have been keeping up with Scott's website, you may have seen a picture similar to this:
Image result for scott fnaf 4 was it me
     A nightmare version of the four original animatronics complete with sharp teeth and terrifying expressions with the imposed question, "Was it Me?" I'm pretty sure we've all assumed this is meaning the bite of 87', which makes me think (if this hasn't been confirmed yet) that the game will take place in 1987, similar to the second game, or there will be more mini-games detailing what happened. One thing I noticed is the one animatronic from the first game they left out and the phrasing of the question. Where's Golden Freddy? Because I haven't seen him so far. And does anyone remember the hallucinatory words that would float in front of you associated with the golden bear? "It's Me". Of course, this goes against some pretty sturdy fanon theories that have been commonly accepted. First one is that Foxy (and after the second game, Mangle) is the perpetrator of the bite, do to his seemingly unhinged jaw and sharp teeth, but let's be real, these things are made of metal. If any one of them (besides the Puppet, but I don't even think he's a robot and we all know he didn't do it) chomped down on your frontal lobe, the force and material alone could be enough to kill, led alone seriously injure. The other thing this goes against, is the less concrete thought that the "It's Me" is meaning one of the murdered children saying that s/he has come back from the dead, but the phrase is so vague that I feel this could be easily discredited. On top of that, people think Foxy may have been the biter because he's "Out of Order" and definitely in a state of disrepair, but we don't even know where Golden Freddy fits in at all. He could simply be a hallucination, or he could have been an old animatronic that was retired do to a malfunction which may or may not have involved biting an employee, parent, or child in the head. I feel this especially holds up if we presume, as some have, that Mike is the victim of the bite, which could explain why he would be having this hallucination, although I can't fathom why he would decide to work here in the first place if that were the case (though he may not remember).
     That's it, I guess, just some simple musings. We won't know for sure until the game finally comes out. So anyway, long story short, I think Golden Freddy caused the bite of 87'.

     If only I had known. I don't know why I never posted this, but I presume I was editing it and lost track of the journal and/or forgot about the post altogether.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Suggested Back to School Anime

     I know this is a little late, but I wanted to wait for most of my readers to actually be back in school (I have followers from basically all around the world, so that is not an easy feat), and I really wanted to plan this out. Not all of these anime will be modern, but I don't think you guys will have seen ALL of these, either. I tried to find anime from many different genres, but the theme of school will be prevalent in all of these. I hope you guys enjoy this list. Please realize that there are so many anime out there involving school, so I mostly tried to stick with the ones that really could not happen without a school unless the plot were drastically changes and/or where they spent most of their time at school, as well as some of my favorites. I may do another list like this next year, so I need to leave some suggestions in my arsenal, and I also didn't want a ten page list. Also, keep in mind that this list is in no partocular order. I tried to keep anime that I considered to be similar together, but even that isn't entirely the case.
     1. Lucky Star: Alright, anyone who knows me KNEW this would be on the list. I love Lucky Star. This is a really popular anime from years ago so I presume that even if most of you have not seen it, you've seen something from it or at least heard of it. To me, this anime was just written for otakus. There are so many references to otaku pop culture that was relevant at the time of its release, which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on your view point, and I feel that the characters are lovable. A slice of life anime filled with references and humor in such an adorable moe cuteness art style that I always forget they're in high school. That's pretty much the show. I understand this will not be up everyone's alley (heck, it took me forever to watch the show just because the style threw me off that I figured I wouldn't find it interesting) but even if you don't normally like slice of life, I suggest at least giving it a try.
     2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: This is another really popular "slice of life" anime, but I honestly don't like it as many anime fans seem to. I like it, but I feel like it is hyped up more than it's worth. Perhaps that's why I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would: false expectations. Essentially, it's about this student, Kyon, who doesn't believe in the supernatural and then meets Haruhi, who is obsessed with it. She, lamenting about the lack of clubs which catch her interest, creates a club (SOS Brigade) about the supernatural and recruits Kyon, along with a few other characters. It's definitely interesting, and I totally suggest it, but I feel like the hype ruined it for me. There's also a slight debate within the community about which order to watch the episodes in: chronological or broadcast. The episodes were purposefully broadcast out of order. I personally prefer chronological.
     3. Azumanga Daioh: This anime is basically taking the "strange outcast" to the extreme. All of the characters are eccentric and I feel like most people can relate to them at least a little. The main character, Chiyo, is a ten year old prodigy obsessed with plushies, along with a tomboy, Tomo, and her hot-headed best friend Koyomi. It's fun and cute and another slice of life that I actually found interesting, even though that genre is definitely not my preferred. It's one of those anime that I think remind us to enjoy high school despite the struggles and make it memorable, and one that re-watching makes me just slightly sad that I just graduated, knowing that my life will move on and these years will simply be a fond memory, despite the struggles and downfalls. It's one of those shows that I feel is best enjoyed while in school and then re-watched after graduation for the memories.
     4.Nichijou: Slice of life school anime following three characters: a group of childhood friends named Yuuko, Mio, and Minakami. It soon intertwines with young genius Hakase and becomes a wonderful mixture of the mundane and bizarre, being very funny and interesting. Personally, I like the mixture of the normal and abnormal and feel it was executed well.
     5. K-On: At Sakuragaoka high school, four girls join the "light music club" to save it from being disbanded, but Yui Hirusawa has no experience with music. She becomes a gifted guitarist and the club, overseen by their music teacher, is used as practice time. It's a cute school life anime about music, in other words.
     6. Akane-Chan: This is an old anime from the sixties about a girl from the country, Akane, who decides to leave her countryside life with her grandfather to attend a prestigious city school. Coming from a more rural area, she finds that it is difficult to fit in with the snobby rich kids, but finds comradery in a bullied student, Hidemaro. It essentially follows their misadventures. Like I said, it's old, but I personally thought it was really cute, so if you like or don't mind older animes, maybe check it out.
     7. My Little Monster: This anime follows Shizuku Mizutani, who cares more about her grades than any form of social life, and violent outcast Haru Yoshida who got involved in a physical confrontation early in the year and then stopped attending school. Neither have many friends and neither understand most people, therefore, they naturally connect. Upon meeting Shizuku, Haru immediately professes his feelings for her, stating that they will become friends, but due to their lack of social understanding, they don't entirely know what their relationship is or what it will become. Together, they explore the nature of their relationship. It is a romance (not my preferred genre) which explores interesting characters in an interesting situation.
     8. Your Lie in April: A heartbreaking and wonderful romance mixed with the joys and healing properties of music. What more is there to say? While the story is still very important and beautifully done, I feel the main focus is on the emotions of the characters and it becomes, in my opinion, a coming of age story of sorts, showing the different struggles that each character faces. It's something that shows the more tragic and angst filled side of growing up and transitioning as a teenager from a child to an adult with the reality of romance and horrible things happening that we are not prepared for. I recommend this anime to everyone, regardless of whether or not you like romance, but love is a primary focus and be prepared for the feels.
     9. Ouran High School Host Club: Alright, you knew this one was going to be on here. Ouran High School Host Club is a humorous and sweet reverse harem about protagonist Haruhi (different from the title above), originally mistaken for a boy due to her short hair and flat chest (not to mention she's not wearing the female school uniform and her clothes are loose fitting), who breaks an expensive vase that belongs to the school's "host club", a club of pretty boys who entertain female students. Did I mention this is a rich kid school (and I mean literally "rich kid") and Haruhi got in on a scholarship rather than money? So obviously she cannot afford to repay the club for the vase monetarily, so she must work for them, pretending to be a boy. I believe the manga is better, but most of the reason is because the anime didn't last as long (although I have heard they may be getting another season), but the anime is definitely still worth checking out. Particularly, I love how Haruhi is much different from most anime girls, having more personality and not even caring when she was mistaken for a boy because she doesn't really care about gender that much. The characters are interesting, the antics are funny, and the storyline is sweet and cute. And I'm pretty particular about romance.
     10. The Fruit of Grisaia: This is a unique harem anime which delves into the psychological genre, a rarity for harem, with suspense and interesting characters, all holding dark secrets from their past. It is hard for me to explain this one without giving spoilers, but basically it is about a school which specializes in the instruction of delinquent, troubles, or otherwise "black sheep/bad apple" students. All of the students, of course, are female except for new guy (key word "guy"), because harem logic.
     11. Highschool of the Dead: This is another harem anime, but is a bit more interesting. Following a pandemic which turns humans into zombies, known as the Outbreak, a group of students must deal with the undead, as well as possible societal collapse following the catastrophe. It plays out like a normal zombies film or series, with questioning of morality and simply delving into the possibility of what happens when the constant of society collapses and the rules don't apply, but as this is not necessarily common in anime (not that I have seen anyway), I feel it makes an interesting story just to see it animated.
     12. Highschool DxD: Ecchi fanservice sums this one up personally and I didn't dislike the anime, but I would consider it "meh". However, I'm also a straight, prudish female, so take that with a grain of salt. Basically this is about a school with some students who are devils, angels, or fallen angels, formerly exclusively female which has recently turned co-ed. That's...pretty much all you need to know.
     13. Rosario+Vampire: True to the error that brings a boy surrounded by a bunch of girls who fall in love with him harem anime trope, this is about a human teenager who accidentally transfers to a school for monsters. The main girl is Moka, a vampire, but there are other monsters along the way which join the harem, all infatuated by him.
     14. Another: For the horror/thriller fan. Another is an interesting psychological horror which I have several times referred to as "the anime version of Final Destination". The class of 3-3 is cursed ever since a popular student died in the 1970s, and now, Kouichi Sakakibara transfers, drawing closer to the mysterious Mei Misaki and the secrets behind the plague of the class. The deaths are strange and creative and the blood and gore is there while not being super over the top, unlike another horror anime on this list.
     15. Corpse Party: Another horror anime. This one is a lot more bloody and gory, and based on the "remakes" of an old horror rpg from the nineties. I have the unpopular opinion that I prefer the original game, but the remakes are good, too, and so is the anime...if you don't mind a lot of gore. And I mean, a LOT of gore. Lots of eyes and intestines. Anyway, this is only four episodes long and it is kind of difficult to explain properly without giving away spoilers so just know (fair warning) there's a lot of gore (have I said that enough yet?) and it will seem mostly plotless at first. These students (plus teacher and little sister) complete this charm ritual because one of them is going to moving away and they end up being transported to this hellish dimension where they are killed and go crazy. Honestly, I almost didn't put this on the list because the only thing that makes it related to school at all is the fact that it all takes place at a school (even in the other dimension) and most anime take place at school at some point, but I wanted to have another horror anime on here for my fellow horror fans, so I went with this. Especially because it ALWAYS takes place at a school and there is a lot about students and teachers.
     16. Kill la Kill: In a hierarchy where grades are correlated with social class, Ryuuko Matoi is searching for the killer of her father with only the other half of his missing invention, the scissor blade as her lead. She ends up at the prestigious Honnouji Academy and discovers Senketsu, a sentient Kamui, which awakens after coming into contact with the girl's blood. The majority of the anime is just strangeness, action, and fanservice, but I thought it was funny.
     17. Great Teacher Onizuka: I'm sure some people saw this coming. GTO was one of the first "real" animes I watched back in seventh grade and I immediately was hooked. I consider it to be what I refer to as a "dramedy", and yes, I know I'm not the first to have used this term. Although this list is mostly intended to focus on animes which follow the students, not the teachers, this is one that I feel just had to be on the list, especially considering how underrated I feel it is. So Great Teacher Onizuka follows a bike gang leader who decides he wants to be a teacher. Why? Well, to hook up with hot high school girls, of course. Things don't exactly go according to plan and he ends up teaching a rowdy class of delinquents who are simply bound and determined to drive him away. Throughout the series, he definitely has some character growth, even though I don't think that was really the focus of it, and it is really funny. He becomes determined to be the best teacher ever, essentially, and uses unorthodox and sometimes illegal methods to complete this feat. I also like to think that he can probably see himself in some of these students, as he definitely would not be considered an "upstanding citizen" so the parallel between the two is definitely interesting. It's funny, dramatic, has an interesting plot with a hilarious lead, and I definitely think it is worth checking out.
     18. Assassination Classroom: A creature dubbed as koro-sensei (I'll explained why I laughed at this in another post) has rendered the moon a permanent crescent shape by destroying 70% of it. The Japanese government offers a reward for anyone who can kill the creature to avoid the earth sharing the moon's fate, but this appears to be an impossible task. He is very powerful and equipped with several supernatural abilities, but is also the best homeroom teacher the students have ever had, instructing them in normal subjects as well as the ways of assassination. There's not much more to explain before it gets into spoiler territory, so I'll leave this at that,  but I will say I love this anime and have watched it twice, planning to do so for a third time.
     19. Soul Eater: I love's description: "Hogwarts for badasses". This is about an academy which trains students to become demon weapons and meisters, a partnership between a person who can transform into a weapon and the person wielding said weapon by resonating their soul's wavelengths and becoming more powerful together than either would be on their own. It is funny with drama and has interesting and often lovable characters with at times bizarre to sometimes really dark storylines and a sun and moon that will give you nightmares.

     If you want an ordered (by opinion) list with these animes, I may work on one if popular demand dictates. I don't normally like to order lists because it's usually pretty hard for me to pick favorites and such, but with this list, I feel I can, so just let me know and I'll get on that.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

From HufflePuff to Slytherin

     So this is a personal anecdote, but I will probably be writing more posts about Harry Potter in the near future, as I am planning on re-reading the series...for the third time. Anyway, I'll try to throw in some other things as well for the non Harry Potter lovers, but I do have an obsessive personality, so just be aware of that. When Pottermore first came out, I was one of the first people on it when it was released to the public. Personally, I liked the site better back then than now, but whatever, that's just my opinion,
     Anyway, I took the Sorting quiz and was disappointed to find that I was a (*drumroll*) HufflePuff. Not that a Hufflepuff is bad, but I know they are kind of the "forgotten" house if you will and I was honestly really hoping to get Ravenclaw. Well, recently, I signed up for Pottermore again because I couldn't remember or find my old password, and I took the quiz again. I was still holding out hope for RavenClaw, but figured I would get HufflePuff again. Nope.
     My results was the dreaded Slytherin. I mean, at least I didn't get Gryffindor, which I feel is the most overrated house, but Slytherin? I'm going to say that I understand not all Slytherins are bad, in fact, Merlin was a Slytherin, but when it seems like every jerk and/or villain in the books was a Slytherin, what am I supposed to think? And yes, I realize that not every person who was a jerk was actually Slytherin, but that's the rep they (we?) get. Now I'm going to have to feel like I need to justify my house whenever the subject comes up, not that HufflePuff was really that much better.
     But that's the thing. I felt like I wouldn't be taken seriously by the community when I was a HufflePuff (especially when my rebuttal was always "at least we're loyal and accepting"), but I was starting to come to terms with it. I was becoming proud of my house. And then all of that was stripped away, and I have to start the process over again. That being said, I'm glad I never actually bought that Hufflepuff scarf I was planning on getting.
     Although, let's be real, you know I'm going to buy both. I'll have pride for both houses. It does make me wonder though. I mean, HufflePuff and Slytherin are two very different houses, so if in real life, I could change so drastically to be assigned to a practically OPPOSITE house from my original in just a few years (alright, more than "a few", but still), I wonder how often that happens to the characters in the world of the books, except, they stay in the original house. How many HufflePuffs should have been transferred to Slytherin? Slytherin to Gryffindor? Just some food for thought, I suppose.
     ...Also, I would like to point out that Gryffindor is the only house name that is not shown as incorrect by spellcheck. Like I said, overrated.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Official Genders of the FNAF Animatronics

     Alright, I know that the fandom for this game series has died down a bit, but I still love the games (even if the majority of the fans irritate me to no end) and this is an argument that has STILL BEEN GOING ON. Also, with the fifth game coming out (I told everyone! I SAID that there needed to be five Five Nights at Freddy's games, but nobody believed me, why didn't they believe me? Sorry, I'm done) the hype is real, dudes. And...this argument seems so simple but no one ever seems to want to listen. This is not about theories or opinions. The post you are reading is going to explain the canonity of these genders. So, here we go. (Also, I started this post about FNAF 2 being a sequel or prequel that I never finished, so expect that out sometime uh...eventually). I would also like it noted that I am strictly talking about the Animatronics. I understand that robots do not actually have genders, as they lack genitalia (well, these ones do anyway) but they are modeled after a gender with an intended sex, so here we go.
     I'm going to get the easiest ones out of the way first. These have all been confirmed by Scott Cawthon.
     Freddy Fazbear: Obviously male. Not really an argument here.
     Chica the Chicken: Another obvious one, in my opinion anyway. Her name literally means "girl" in Spanish, but even if that didn't convince you, Scott has confirmed that she is female.
     Foxy the Pirate Fox: Obviously male. You can even hear his voice singing sometimes if you have the camera on his stage.
     Bonnie the Bunny: Confirmed to be male. Ah, remember when everyone was arguing about him? I do understand this, of course, considering his name is "Bonnie", but still. Now we have the Puppet, Toy Bonnie, and Mangled to argue pointlessly about.
     Toy Freddy: Male. Obviously.
     Toy Bonnie: So I am going to say right now that it has been confirmed that none of the Toy Animatronics have different genders than the originals. Therefore, Toy Bonnie is male regardless of eyelashes and make up. And just to be clear, I understand that cartoons usually portray only female characters as having eyelashes, but guys do have these as well. And Toy Chica, one of the two only confirmed females in the game, lacks eyelashes, just saying. Anyway, male.
     Toy Chica: Again, she, along with the original Chica, are the only confirmed females (not including the fifth game, Nightmares, Phantoms, or Shadows). Also, once again, the Toy's genders do not differ from the originals. Female.
     Mangle: So, here is the first more difficult one. And I sort of lied, because there is no confirmation (purposefully done on Scott's part) about it's gender. When I first saw Mangle, just like most others, I was thinking "female". First off, I know that guys can wear and like pink, but when you think about a kid's restaurant, usually pink is assigned to girls. However, when I learned that the Toy Animatronics retain the same gender, I realized that "she" was probably a "he", and if you asked me before the fifth game's trailer came out, I probably would have still stuck by this. For the longest time I have been arguing that it is male because the Phone Guy refers to it as such (sort of) and again, Toy Animatronics' genders do not change. But now that the whole "Funtime Foxy" is a thing...I might be mistaken. Especially because Scott has been so secretive about the gender. Even with the FNAF World thing where there are two messages about Mangle, one referring to it as "he" and the other as "she". Some people have taken this to mean Mangle is "gender fluid", but I doubt it. First off, a robot is unlikely to be "gender fluid" unless programmed as such, even with an AI, especially not at a Children's Place. For one thing, the 80s was more conservative about things like that, and there would be no reason for this anyway, because again, Mangle is at the restaurant in the 80s (and gender fluid is a new thing, one of those silly Tumblr Special Snowflake things in my opinion, but my views aside) and is a robot without enough self-awareness to choose a gender. Even if the newer animatronics also have children haunting them, the child is unlikely to be this either, as children usually just stick with the gender they have. Personally, I believe that Scott did this to keep the gender a mystery without referring to the Mangle as it. Although I have begun to think that Mangle is Funtime Foxy, instead of Toy Foxy, and may be female, I still sort of have the idea that it might be male because of what Phone Guy says in Night 3 of the second game though: "They redesigned him and put him in Kid's Cove". But it is unclear if used the pronoun "he" because he was still talking about Foxy, or if it's because Mangle is also intended to be male. However, to all those saying that the voice actor made a mistake, Phone Guy is voiced by Scott, so this was intentional phrasing. I do think it would be kind of cool if Mangle is female though, have another chick in the game. For now, just go with whichever pronoun you wish, in my opinion, but stop the senseless arguments. There is no confirmation and that is by choice of the creator! No one is right yet.
     The Puppet/The Marionette: Confirmed to be neither. It. I personally think it looks more masculine, so I switch between saying "it" and "he". Deal with it. If you don't like it, bite me. Honestly, I don't care which pronoun people use, but it really does bother me when people senselessly argue about and are just absolutely heck bent that they are right. No, you are not. Sit down and calm yourself.
     Balloon Boy: Male. Obviously. It's in the name.
     Balloon Girl: Has she even been confirmed to exist? I don't remember. Either way, female, obviously.
     Cupcake: I don't think it was modeled after a gender, but everyone calls it Carl, so I'd say male.
     Golden Freddy: I honestly don't know if this is confirmed or not, but I know some people say Golden Freddy is female, I disagree. Personally, I thought it was another "obvious" one but there is a small debate about it. I think male.
     SpringTrap: Another one that I don't think is confirmed. Obviously we know the spirit possessing it is male, but that doesn't matter for this post. I personally have always thought that it's male, and I think most everyone agrees, but I don't think it's been confirmed.
     I'm not going to go into the Phantoms and the Shadows and the Nightmares because they all probably have the same genders if any. So, this is what I've got. When the next game comes out, I'll post one about that too. I already have ideas about the genders, but I want to wait for the game to actually come out first.
     I know this won't help the debates at all, but at least I finally got my two cents out there, so I hope we can all at least try to get along and not be such a cringe-worthy fandom. Please? Anyway, stay awesome guys! I'll try to update soon. ^^

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Popular CreepyPasta Character I Don't Like Too Much

     I believe I have said this in a couple other posts, but I would like to repeat this for a few posts just so that everybody sees it. My computer is out of commission, which means I am using my Dad's laptop and might see if I can use the library computers. I have no idea when my laptop will be functional again, so updates may be less frequent, but I have been writing posts and plans in one of my notebooks, so eventually, you might get a mass update.
     So, CreepyPastas. For those who do not know, a Creepypasta is an online horror story in its technical definition, deriving from the internet slang "CopyPasta", which took the words "copy" and "paste" in reference to short stories that would circulate the internet and basically go viral. Creepypasta is the horror form of that. However, as it has developed, Creepypasta has come to mean specific stories on a particular site (although, not exclusively, the original definition still applies), and with this comes original characters deriving from these stories, such as Laughing Jack, Jeff the Killer, etc, which are usually pretty cool characters. However, I am not going to talk about those ones, and a lot of you are probably going to hate me. Because the character I dislike is not one of the "acceptable" ones to hate, like say Nina the Killer. I am going to talk about Sally, from the story, "Play With Me".
     This story is by the DeviantArt person (this is where I was introduced to the character) La-Mishi-Mish and can be found basically everywhere (quotev, Mishi's DeviantArt page, tumblr). Now I am going to say right now, as a disclaimer of sorts I suppose, I do not hate Sally. In fact, I sort of have a love-hate relationship with the character. I was first introduced to Sally Williams through the pictures that Mishi draws, which are sometimes creepy, but often depict some of the CreepyPasta characters (Slenderman, Jeff, Eyeless Jack, and BEN, namely) interacting with one another in a  familial way. It's kind of like the "Slender Mansion/CreepyPasta Family" quizzes and stories you find everywhere, and even though I do feel like we should remember that these characters we adore are supposed to be homicidal psychopaths, it is fun to sometimes draw and write them in a more light hearted manner, and imagining what they might be like if you were to shove all of these psycho killers in the same living space together. This isn't really an issue.
     For one thing, sometimes Sally feels almost like a Mary-Sue character, not necessarily in the sense that her personality is clichéd or that she is overpowered, because I honestly don't know what sort of powers she may or may not have (the story did not make it clear) and I also wouldn't say that her personality is overly unusual for a murdered little girl, a bit of dead mixed with tea parties I suppose, but it feels like all of the other characters absolutely love her, probably for the sole reason that she is a small child, even when some of them should probably hate her. Slenderman and Laughing Jack in particular. The Laughing Jack thing is more in response to quizzes I have taken and stories I have read, because I don't think La-Mishi-Mish draws him a whole lot, and maybe it's because she is already dead that they like her, but...don't Slenderman and Laughing Jack murder children?? I know that the fandom has basically turned Slenderman into a formal, elegant patriarch of the CreepyPastas, but still, what part of "kidnaps and kills kids" is difficult? Honestly though, I feel like he is less the issue than LJ, because at least Slenderman has the fact that A) he isn't a creepypasta, and B) he is heavily based on old legends mostly from Europe that created an unclear mythos for the creature at the time labelled the "Tall Man" in English. And many people have liked to believe that Slenderman does not actually murder children, but that's not the point of this post. Laughing Jack, however, has a clear mythology, and it seems pretty obvious that he very greatly enjoys his work in slaughtering little kids, such as Sally. I think, more realistically, Laughing Jack would be furious that there is this little girl right here, that he literally cannot kill. Laughing Jack does not seem to particularly like children (anymore) considering he purposefully chooses this age range as his victims of a gruesome murders, planning to tear out their insides, as opposed to a character that likes children and therefore surrounds him/herself with them and just so happens to accidentally kill them somehow (not realizing that what s/he does will end in their death, losing his/her temper and losing control). Laughing Jack knows what he is doing. And if Sally is just "different" that almost proves my point about her possibly being a Mary-Sue. But even giving her the benefit of the doubt, there is more I have to say about Sally.
     She is adorable. This is one of my main issues with her. I do not think Sally is scary, mostly because she doesn't seem to do anything. However, this is also one of the reasons why I like her. First off, the pictures that she is involved in that I was talking about earlier, where she and some of the other characters basically act like a family? I love them. The art style is cute and a lot of the drawings are pretty amusing. Sally herself is the cutest thing in the world, but she's supposed to be a CreepyPasta.
     Now let's move onto her story. I'm going to give a quick break down, so warning for spoilers, but if you want to read the whole story, seriously just type in "Play With Me Sally Creepypasta" and you're sure to find it. So basically, this little girl Sally is eight years old and her Uncle Johnny is going to come visit for a few days. Long story short, he molests her and true to reality, tells her not to tell anyone about their "game" because it's against the rules. So, after Sally's mother notices that the little girl is acting strangely, she asks the child about it and Sally never once says she had a bad dream, but rather says she didn't want to "play his game" and that "he touched me" and "made me touch him". So what does this girl's mother think? Well, clearly, she had a nightmare. Um...what? Honestly, this aspect seriously makes me rage. All of this could have been avoided if this girl's mother was not a freaking moron. What eight year old has a nightmare about a man "touching her"? She shouldn't even know about pedophilia and such at that age! If I had children, and my kid came to me saying stuff like that, I would ask "who did?" and immediately go beat the freaking ever loving crap at whoever messed with my baby. Even if it was a bad dream that she was talking about, there's still an issue there! Something is wrong! Of course, Sally's uncle hears about the girl "breaking the rules" and get's angry, killing her. That's basically it. The end is the fact that Sally is a ghost now. I don't think she even kills anything. It's not stated or even implied that she does. Over all, I have the opposite issue that I had with Jeff the Killer. The story sucked, character was good. In this case, the story is more or less good, but I think if the mother is going to write something like that off as a nightmare, she should not be characterized as loving and doting, but the character is...meh. I think a lot of it is the inexplicable love that all other characters have for her that gets to me though.
     Maybe I'm salty because I know my characters will never be so popular, maybe I wish I had that many people in my life who loved me unconditionally for who I am, or maybe I'm right and the character and story are just overrated. Either way, she is not part of my headcanon for Creepypasta at all, not even if I were to ever write a Slender Mansion sort of thing (which I probably never would), but that's alright. The creator seems like a nice person, and this is in no way anything against them, or anyone else who likes the character. Trust me, there are worst characters out there. I will never hate on anyone for liking Sally, and I have even drawn her occasionally, so this is in no way an attack on anyone or anything, but simply my two cents about a character I personally do not like. I'm pretty much in a CreepyPasta kick again, so I might write more about them. There is one particular post I've been wanting to write for a while, so I might get around to that.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My First Anime Crush

     So, for almost as long as I can remember, I have watched anime, and therefore have accumulated various crushes from these Japanese cartoons. I began watching Pokémon (my first anime) when I was six years old, and soon Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, and others followed, but this was before I really knew what anime was, and before I differentiated it from any other cartoon, aside from noting that I preferred the style.
     Currently, I am re-watching (for probably the hundredth time) Spirited Away, my favorite Studio Ghibli film which I first watched when I was probably about eight or nine years old. Except this time, I decided to see if I could find it in Japanese on the Dragon Box (the holy grail of watching movies and television) and sure enough it was there without subtitles. This got me thinking about anime crushes, and who my (probably) first one was, and I'm sure, if you've seen Spirited Away, you know where I'm going with this.
     So, like I said, I first watched Spirited Away when I was probably about eight years old. My grandmother had taken me to Bangor (because there isn't a BlockBuster anywhere near where she lives), which is about an hour's drive on the interstate with good traffic, to get a movie. I could choose one. Well, Bangor is far and even though I lived there, I wasn't sure when my parents would take me to BlockBuster, so I had to choose a good movie. As I was walking, I saw Spirited Away. The cover looked interesting; it was in the art style I always liked, and when I read the back, it sounded cool, so my grandmother rented this movie for me and we returned to her trailer in Medway, where I proceeded to watch this movie thrice, at least. I was in love. It would be years later than I would discover anime, and other Miyazaki films, but at the moment, I fell in love with this particular movie, and had developed a slight crush on one of the characters: Haku.

     Honestly, I don't entirely know why. I had had crushes on cartoons before, sort of, but I cannot recall ever having a crush on any of the characters in Dragon Ball Z, or Digimon, and I sure as heck wasn't in love with Ash from Pokémon. This was different. Part of it was definitely a physical attraction. In my small child mind, he was CUTE, but I have always been more attracted to personality than appearance, so it had to have been more than that. I think I found him interesting, mostly. He was a complex character and sort of has a lot of mystery about him, so I was fascinated with him from a viewer's perspective, and I definitely liked how kind he was too Chihiro, but so were other characters.
     He is generally kind and gentle toward Chihiro, kind of reminding me of an older brother type, but other times seem quite the opposite, more gruff, for reasons I will not state here in case anyone has not seen the movie. And he's a fantasy creature that I've always been fascinated by anyway (also, I will not mention WHAT he is, because even stating this was spoiler enough), so that may have contributed to it.
     Whatever the reason, I don't feel like I can be attracted to him anymore, because despite his actual age, he physically appears to be young (I would say 12-13, like many), but a few people guess his physical age to be 16, which I disagree with. Even so, he, along with No Face, will always be my favorite characters in this wonderful movie, and I really suggest it, even if you're not usually interested in anime.
     Anyway, who was your first anime crush, if you've ever had one? I would really love to hear what you all have to say. ^^ Also, my computer sort of crashed again, so I'm working on my Dad's laptop, but that means, my updates might not be too frequent for the time being.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What's Vocaloid?

      So, I have an affiliation with Amazon now (got to pay for University somehow) and I am working very hard to find products that pertain, not only to the blog, but to the individual posts I create, so, they will be at the very bottom of any post they are in and I probably won't talk about them too much because I know how annoying product placement can be. So, if you honestly have absolutely no interest no matter what, please try your best to ignore them; I decided to put them on the posts instead of putting it on the website so that it would be less in your face (and coding for an individual post is easier than the entire blog and there is no other option besides HTML linking).

     Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about Vocaloid. So, a while back I had been working on a post explaining the Vocaloid "Story of Evil" series, and as I was picking up writing it, I realized, not everyone might know what Vocaloid is. I see it online all the time, the same question, and I too, once asked it: What's Vocaloid?? Is it a game? Is it an anime? A manga? A fan comic? What the heck is this thing?!
     Well, my dear viewers, Vocaloid is none of the above. It is a voice synthesizer. When you have the program (which can be one of many different characters), you type in lyrics and melody and it creates a song for you. Personally, I've never used Vocaloid because it's just so darn expensive (eventually I might be able to though), but I love the songs and it is amazing to see what people can create. There are a variety of characters, the most notable being Hatsune Miku (or Miku Hatsune). They don't technically have personalities and interests, but there's a lot of fanon accepted by the community. I won't go through all the characters, but I'll go through the main ones and maybe a couple others.
Miku Hatsune: Miku is one of the characters with an official age: 16. She is not the first Vocaloid created, but she is the first one that really got people's attention. She is depicted as having a teal or turquoise color scheme, including her hair (tied into two long pigtails) and eyes. Each character has been given a item and hers is a leek. Some songs I personally like by her are World Is Mine, Tell Your World, Rolling Girl, Po Pi Po (It's catchy, don't judge me XD), Bad End Night, Matryoshka, Hitorinbo Envy, Triple Baka, and O Light. There are honestly so many more though. For more of this virtual Diva's songs, check out this video here.

KAITO: Kaito was one of the first Japanese Vocaloids (by the way, these did not originate in Japan, but I'll devote an entire post to that) and has the color scheme of blue. He, along with Gakupo, are my favorites, but honestly, I love them all. Although he is often paired with Miku (probably because of their colors? I don't know), he has no official age, but KEI portrays him as a "middle aged man". I personally think he is somewhere in the range of 22-25 to be honest, and if I were to pair him with anyone, it would be Meiko, but maybe that's just me. His item is ice cream and fans have given him an unofficial last name: Shion. Some songs I like by him are "I Wish They Would Just Die/It Would Be Good If They Died", Judgement of Corruption, Brother Is Worried (Because it's hilarious and I love the mv), Kaito's Ice Cream Song (I sing this one all the time, specifically when I'm eating ice cream and it drives my parents insane), Imitator, Meltdown (I love all versions but his voice in this song gives my heart a meltdown), True My Heart, and Kaito Ga Uninstall. Considering he's one of my favorite Vocaloids, it's really hard for me to not just keep naming songs forever, but here's a video for more of his songs:    

MEIKO: She was the first Japanese Vocaloid and has the theme of red. Similar to Kaito, she does not have a canon family name nor age, but I think she is in her early to mid twenties, similar to Kaito, and her item is sake. I don't listen to her as often, so this list will probably be short but some of the songs by her that I like are Silent Snow, Evil Food Eater Conchita, and Lullaby. Her voice is quite beautiful though.

Len Kagamine: I was trying to decide whether or not I should do the twins separately or together, and I decided on individually. Rin and Len are actually not twins, but apparently, were intended to be kind of like "mirror images" of each other, and I'm going to be honest, most of the songs I like by the time are duets, but individually I like are Servant of Evil and...that's all I can think of. Oh wait, "I Don't Care Who Somenody Go Out With Date With Me" is one of my favorites. His item is a banana. He and Rin's officially "age" is 14.  
Rin Kagamine: She is basically the female counterpart to Len, and they are sold as a pack. Her voice can go quite high and still actually sound really good, and her fanon item is a...bulldozer. Because logic. Everyone else has a food...let's give her a freaking bulldozer! Alright, technically, her item is an orange, but ask most fans and they WILL say bulldozer, I guarantee you. Anyway, some of the individual songs I like by her are Daughter of Evil, Regret Message, The Lost One's Weeping, I Wanna Be a Princess, Fear Garden (one of the first Vocaloid songs I heard, great first impression huh?), Demon Girlfriend, and I Like You I Love You. And "I Can Take Off My Panties" is worth noting just because of how hilarious it is.
Kagamine Twins: Some of the songs I really love by the twins are Remote Control, Childish War, Like Dislike, Adolescence (Although I don't think of it as an incest song) and Trick and Treat.                  
Luka Megurine: Luka's color scheme is pink and her official age is 20. Her item is sushi and during her development, the creators were actually attempting to create a "sexy" sounding Vocaloid, but her voice turned out to be too soft. I like her, but similar to Meiko, I honestly don't listen to her songs as much. The ones I can think of that I really like though are Lie, Kagome Kagome (duet with Miku), Heart Beats, Drop Pop Candy (a duet with Rin), Luka Luka Night Fever, and Circus Monster.

Gakupo Kamui: When my boyfriend first saw a picture of Gakupo, he thought he was a girl. His color is purple and item is an aubergine, and he, along with KAITO, is one of my favorite Vocaloids. He has no official age but I have always pictured him as being a couple years older than Kaito (so, about 24-28). Gakupo is often paired with Luka and I actually like this pairing. Some of the songs by him that I really like are Go Google It (a hilarious duet with Luka), Madness of Duke Venomania, Imitation Black (with Kaito and Len), and Dancing Samurai (of course).

GUMI: Her color scheme can be considered to be orange or green, and her item is a carrot. She has no official age, but she was intended to be a teenager. I personally have always thought of her as being around Miku's age, if not maybe a little older. Some of her songs that are really good are Candy Candy (a cover of the song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu),  The Secret of the Goldfish, Ah It's a Wonderful Cat's Life, Crazy Night, Ten Faced, and My Crush Was a Monster Boy. For more songs by her, check out this list:

Oliver: Oliver is an English Vocaloid who has no official or fanon item, but is drawn with a finch (James) on his shoulder. He also does not really have an associated color, but considering the color of his outfit, it could be considered navy. His official age is twelve years old and he seems used for covers more often than original songs. My favorite song by him currently is Secrets of Wysteria, but he has a lot of good songs, and I suggest you check them out.

Yuki Kaai: As tall as ten big apples and the age of 9, is the absolutely adorable Yuki. Her voice provider was never released for legal reasons, as she is actually voiced by a young child. Yuki's voice is super cute, but similar to Oliver, I feel like I know more of her covers than original songs. Forgotten Girl is a good song and I adore her covers of Five Nights at Freddy's and Tell Your World.

Kiyoteru Hiyama: Kiyoteru was introduced as Yuki's teacher, and has the fanon item of coffee and/or a notebook. His voice reminds me a lot of Kaito, to be quite honest, but I still like it. Similar to Yuki and Oliver, I hear more of his covers than original songs, but I know Under the Darkness and Hole Inside Me, which are good. His official age is 22 years old.

     There are so many other Vocaloids, but if I were to write all of them here, this post would take an eternity for you to read. I'll devote another blog post or two to some of the characters I missed, and maybe I'll write about the fanon personalities given to each of the Vocaloids. I hope that you enjoyed this, even if you already knew about Vocaloid and the characters, but if you didn't, I hope I maybe sparked some sort of interest in you. It really is quite amazing to see what people can create with these programs.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Anime Terms You Should Know

 EDIT: I tried fixing the weirdness with the color, but at least when I view my blog, nothing has changed, so I apologize if it visible to you guys. Please try your best to ignore it and if it become difficult to read, contact me (preferably via a comment) and I will try a few other ideas I have to maybe fix it.
EDIT II Return of the Edit: So, I am very glad I know how to alter HTML otherwise I would have been out of luck. As it is, I managed to (manually) alter all of the coding for background color and text color so it should be good now. I did each number individually just so that I knew I wasn't going to screw something up.
     I'm labeling this as a "part one", because I have a feeling I will be doing more of these. This is actually based on an idea I had a while back to create an "Anime Dictionary", that I just never finished, but instead of publishing something that you guys would have to pay for and probably only read once, I'll just utilize the internet as a teaching tool and give this guide to you for free. How does that sound? In this post I will be mostly talking about different genres of anime, and basic things like that, but if you guys like this, I will make this into a series.
     Anime (Ah-n-ih-m-eh): I feel like most people on this post will know this one, but this is the term Japanese cartoons, or Japanese animation, often but not always adapted from manga (comics) and having a variety of genres for a variety of age groups, including children, teenagers, and adults.
     Manga (M-ah-n-g-ah): Comics. That's literally all manga is. However, Japanese comics are generally similar to what Americans would think of as "graphic novels" in it's length.
     Shoujo (Sh-oh-j-oh): Shoujo is literally the Japanese word for girl, generally referring to a "young woman" between the ages of 7-18, approximately. It is made up of the characters: , which mean "little" or "young", and "woman", respectively. Little woman is not just one letter removed from a classic book, but can best be translated in English to the word "girl". In anime, it is an anime or manga intended for that audience (young women about the ages of 7-18) usually being series that involve romance or a female protagonist that is not overly sexualized, and slice of life animes. Some good examples are Ouran High School Host Club (although, despite the fact it was intended for girls, a lot of guys really like it too), Fruits Basket, Candy Candy, Say I Love You, and My Little Monster. This one is harder for me to come up with examples because it is not a genre I like that much, personally. I've actually never seen "Say I Love You" or "Fruits Basket" and did not finish "Candy Candy", but I would highly suggest "My Little Monster" and "Ouran High School Host Club" for the sake of actually getting me to love a romance anime using comedy and interesting characters/situations. Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo) actually also technically counts, which is a psychological horror/thriller anime dealing in themes of vengeance and justice, so not all shoujo anime is romance or slice of life, it's just a trend in this category. It should be noted that, while the intended audience is females, many boys (straight and homosexual alike) watch shoujo anime, OHSHC being a prime example, just as many girls, such as myself, watch Shounen. 
     Magical Girl: Magical Girl anime, such as Sailor Moon, Dokidoki!, and Uta Kata, are a sub-genre of shoujo. As the name would imply, they usually entail a female protagonist or protagonists who are in possession of magical powers of some sort. I'll use Sailor Moon as an example because I know it the best. The girls end up being given magic powers and essentially become super heroes, usually with no or little help from boys and usually drawn in a cute, more cartoonish art style. Sailor Moon is actually an exception to one of the things I usually say about female characters in anime in the fact that my rule is, "If they're sexualized, it's probably shounen," but Sailor Moon is, indeed, intended for young girls, despite the shortness of their skirts in the infamous (or maybe famous) panty shot in the opening theme if you slow it down enough. But the creator of Sailor Moon was a female: Naoko Takeuchi. She worked on a good amount of shoujo manga. Some of which are actually kind of good like the female Mecha anime, Toki☆Meka!.
     Josei (J-oh-s-aye): Josei is like the grown up version of Shoujo, or the female counterpart to Seinen. It is intended for women between the ages of 18-40 and is generally more realistic with less idealism, especially when it comes to romance. I don't watch a whole lot of Josei, but a few examples I can think of are Usagi Drop, Petshop of Horrors, and Super Seisyun Brothers. Honestly, when it comes to anime/manga intended for females, I prefer Josei more often than not, but most of the anime I watch would more likely fit in the male category, or none at all. 
     Shounen (Sh-oh-n-eh-n): Oh boy could I talk about this for hours. Shounen is the male counterpart to Shoujo in the fact that it is anime intended for boys of the age range 7-18. The characters used are 少年漫画 which basically would mean "youth's comics", but is used as "boy's comics" (or cartoons). In certain context, Shounen can mean boy, but it can also just mean youth, regardless of gender, to my understanding. One thing you will come to understand is context matters in Japanese. There are so many shounen anime that I adore, so I'm just going to list some of my favorites. Good examples would be Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mirai Nikki, Blue Exorcist (Au No Exorcist), Soul Eater, Noragami, Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Death Note, The Devil is a Part Timer (Hataraku Maou-Sama), Samurai Champloo, Dragon Ball Z, D.Gray-Man, Rosario + Vampire, Great Teacher Onizuka, InuYasha...I should probably stop. Anyway, some that I personally do not enjoy that much but are popular and fit this category would be Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, One Piece, and Naruto.
     Seinen (S-aye-n-eh-n): The word literally means "youth". This is basically the male counterpart to Josei in the fact that it is intended for males of an older demographic, 18-40. They generally focus more on psychological or political themes, but this is not always the case. These anime/manga may contain sexual themes, but are not hentai/seijin. It is actually, at least for me, harder to tell what is Shounen and what is Seinen, but a tip I learned from one of my internet friend (who lives in Japan) is looking for Furigana near the Kanji text. Furigana is a reading aid used in children's or beginner's works, and in the case of rarely used kanji words. Either way, it doesn't matter a whole lot because the differences are pretty minor as far as I can tell, but some Seinen anime/manga I personally love are Tokyo Ghoul, Elfen Lied, Mushishi, Berserk, Ghost in a Shell, Hellsing, Black Bullet, Black Lagoon, I can't Understand What My Husband is Saying, and One Punch Man. There are way more, but I could write an entirely different post just about the shounen and seinen anime/manga I love, so we'll stop here. 
     Hentai (Hen-tie): going to be awkward for me. It is debated within the anime community whether or not this is actually a genre, as it means "pervert" and I have been told that it is only used to refer to a person, not an anime or manga. However, most people refer to it as hentai, not Seijin, so you'll probably get more luck with this word. Basically, it's anime pornography, including full out sex scenes that are not censored, so, I don't watch it. Therefore, I cannot personally suggest anything, but thankfully I have a perverted surrogate older brother and boyfriend, so some that they mentioned are Itadaki sekai, Gauken de jikan yo tomare, and one I found online is Bible Black, but don't ask me what they're about because, like I said, I don't watch this kind of thing, so i haven't the foggiest. 
     Seijin (S-aye-j-ee-n): So, seijin means "adult" and therefore, in reference to manga or anime would basically be the Japanese equivalent of our 18+ in the fact that it is specifically intended for adults exclusively. As I mentioned, it's kind of debated about whether or not this can be inter-changeably with Hentai, or if this is the word that should be used. Also, I should make it known that even though hentai or seijin have sex scenes, that is not always the point of the anime. Although I make fun of my boyfriend when he says he watches hentai for the story, there are people who will actually skip the sex scenes but watch the anime, so...I'm too squeamish about sex for me to even do that, but, I figured I should include these in here since they're technically anime genres.
     Ecchi (Eh-ch-ee): Ecchi is like a step behind hentai. It is not really a genre of anime, but rather an element involved. Ecchi can range from sexual inuendos and maybe a panty shot to full on groping and toplessness, so if you are like me and can be a bit prudish, just because something is ecchi doesn't mean it is really lude, but it also doesn't mean it is not really lude, so just be warned. Some anime that I like that happen to have ecchi elements are No Game No Life, (Does this count?) Great Teacher Onizuka (I try not to repeat the same anime because I think I mentioned this in another genre above, but I really do love this one), Highschool of the Dead, Heaven's Lost Property, Highschool DxD, and To-LOVE Ru.
     Harem: Harem anime is basically what it sounds like. It involves a male protagonist surounded by a bunch of girls with varying personality types that are inexplicably in love with him. There's usually a tsundere character, childhood friend, etc. They are usually pretty funny, hence why I like them, and are often ecchi but not always. Some that I like are I Don't Have Many Friends (that's the name of the anime, I'm not making a confession or anything...although the statement would be true ^^"), To-Love-Ru, Tenshi Muyo, The World God Only Knows, Highschool DxD, Sword Art Online (because yes, that is a harem), and Rosario + Vampire. 
     Reverse Harem: Technically speaking, harem can refer to either gender, but it is most often applied to a male surrounded by female characters. Reverse Harem is the other way around. One of the most notable examples is Ouran High School Host Club, which I mentioned previously. Some others I like are Brothers Conflict (don't judge me -_-) and Amnesia. 
     Lolita (L-oh-l-ee-t-ah): Okay, so, a lot of people don't entirely seem to know what Lolita and Shota mean. Lolita is the same thing as Loli, Loli is just shortened. A Loli is a female who is or appears to be under the age of consent, which would be the age of 13, and yes I will talk about that particular issue in a separate post. There is no direct translation in English, but the closest would be pedophilia (I kind of kid). A Lolicon(L-oh-l-ee-c-oh-n) is a person who enjoys, specifically is attracted to, these characters. I cannot think of any examples, so I guess maybe Aihara Enju from Black Bullet, Elizabeth from Black Butler, Takanashi Rikka from Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! (she is freaking adorable by the way!)...the main issue is, it's kind of hard to define a Loli. Personally, I think of a Lolita character as being sexualized, as in, you're supposed to find them attractive in a way, like Honey-Senpai from Ouran High School Host Club (referred to as a "male lolita" but he's shota because that's what a male lolita is) where he, like the other boys in the Host Club, is supposed to have appeal with women in his own way. So, someone could argue about whether Elizabeth from Kuroshitsuji is a lolita, or just a twelve year old girl, and I honestly can't think of any character that I can say, "Yes, this is definitely a lolita" so I'm just leaving it at this and letting you decide.
     Shota (Sh-oh-t-ah): Shota is the male counterpart to Lolita, because everything needs to have a counterpart of the reverse gender in anime. Shota is a boy who is younger or appears younger than thirteen, such as Honey from OHSHC. Some people will refer to Len from Vocaloid or Ciel from Black Butler as Shota, but again, as I mentioned above, I don't feel like they are sexualized and I have always thought of Loli and Shota as being sexualized, so make of that what you will. Similar to Lolicon, Shotacon(Sh-oh-t-ah-c-oh-n), or as some will refer to it as, a "Shotacomplex" is the attraction to these characters.
     Moe (M-oh-eh): Moe is a complicated concept. It technically is a slang word used to mean strong affection, not necessarily sexual, mostly to a character. A moe character is also a complicated concept. To simplify it, I personally will split moe into two categories, but before I get into that, I need to explain what it kind of means. SourceFedNerd describes it as a "little sister" effect, and I agree. I have been described as moe by my friends (for some reason) in both of my categories, but a lot of those same friends think of me as a little sister, not a crush or potential lover. Generally they are adorable characters that invoke a sense of desire to protect or save them. Now to my categories. I split it up as an Innocent Moe, and Tragic Moe. To me, Innocent Moe is a character that is usually naive and innocent (obviously) especially when it comes to sexual themes, and may be a bit too trusting or otherwise inadvertently putting themselves in danger or potentially could put herself in danger, hence wanting to protect her. Tragic Moe, to me, is someone who has been through a lot, but is still adorable, and usually invokes feelings of wanting to save her from her haunted past. Not everyone considers this moe, but I do. The thing is, like many Japanese words used in the anime community, there is a lot of debate about what it actually means, and therefore it sort of means all of those things, and a lot of Japanese words are multi-function anyway. Moe can also be a style, such as the chibi sort of art of Lucky Star, that makes the characters look as cute as possible and is common as a style on shoujo anime, but as a character trope can be found in most types of anime.
     Bishounen: Meaning "beautiful boy". Technically, it can be a matter of opinion, like I could say "Kare wa bishounen" referring to...say, Rin Okumura from Au No Exorcist (he totally is) and my friend could disagree. However, there is a stereotype of what a Bishounen is, which usually is what most people would think of as a "pretty boy" so, that seems logical. Spock would approve. Some examples of characters I think are "bishounen" would be Finnian, Grell, and Sebastian from Black Butler, the twins from Ouran high School Host Club (although, let's be real, they're all hot..except Honey because he's adorable in a kiddish sort of way), basically every male character from Hetalia, basically every male main character from Amnesia (the anime and visual novel, not the horror game), L from Death Note (don't judge me)...honestly, if we went through ever character I have a crush on, we'd be here all year. Anyway, this is a trope most common in Shoujo.
     Bishoujo: Bishoujo is, of course, the female version of bishounen. It is a trope used in shounen anime more, but because it can be so opinionated, and I am a straight female, it's hard for me to choose examples, but some that I think fit the "stereotypical" category are Yuuki Asuna from SAO,Inoue from Bleach, and...I'll say Misa Amane (as irritating as she is) from Death Note. Usually the girls are obviously physically appealing and although their personality types may be different, I have observed a trend of characters referred to as "bishoujo" as being sweet, loving, and doting. But again, this is a more opinionated thing. My boyfriend, for example, would probably say Tomoko from WataMote is Bishoujo (no wonder he likes me so much XD). 
     Otaku (Oh-t-ah-k-oo): Oh boy, another complicated word! At least this one is easy to explain, but the meaning makes things a bit...weird. So, "otaku" is a Japanese word that has been adopted by Western cultures, and mean very different things. The Japanese version is an insult, for one thing, so most people would not refer to themselves as such. The closest English translation would be "geek" but usually has a more offensive conontation. Basically, it is someone who is "obsessive" in their interests (as, honestly, a lot of Otakus are) often insinuating that their obsession gets in the way of that person being a functioning member of society. It also can apply to more than just anime. Otakus can be interested in video games, science fiction, fantasy, general cosplay, computers, you name it. In the Western anime community, however, it just means a person who is REALLY into anime, and that does not mean you grew up with Pokemon, watched One Piece, and five episodes of Naruto, but I'll talk about that in a later post.
     Weeaboo (W-ee-ah-b-oo): This is such an annoying word for me that it will also get it's own post, because so many people misuse this word. It does not mean a fake Otaku, it does mean an Otaku in general. This word means someone who has basically denounced their own nationality and pretend to be or wish they were Japanese. A good example would be this chick: who I am convinced (and praying) is trolling. But whether she actually believes this or not, her persona is that of a weeaboo, just maybe on the extreme end. Some common characteristics are speaking random Japanese words in a generally English sentence (such as referring to people with the suffixes -kun or -chan but the rest of the sentence is English, or saying an English sentence and ending with -desu) especially if this is grammatically or logically incorrect and liking things specifically because they are Japanese. Personally, to me, a Weeaboo is a person who has essentially lost their sense of self because of their obsession. They are usually ignorant to the majority of the culture and language, but are obsessed with everything from the country simply because it is Japanese (as opposed to someone who likes a lot of things from Japan because they like it, not because it's Japanese). This insult has spread to be used against actual otakus or fake otakus, and both uses are incorrect. It can be difficult to figure out if someone is a weeaboo or otaku, because it is more about reasoning rather than actions (does she like Pocky because the flavor is good or because it is Japanese, did he wear a kimono because he likes it or because he wants to seem Japanese), but it really doesn't matter because I personally feel like we shouldn't judge people anyone (out loud) and even though they can become annoying, more often than not, the people who are deemed "weeaboos" are not, because of the butchering of the word. 
     -San: Ah, suffixes. I usually describe "-san" as being kind of like Miss or Mister. It is respectful and can be attached to given or family names and even job titles. Children may refer to their teachers as surname-San (but with their teacher's actual surname, of course), similar to how Americans will call their teacher Mr. or Ms. and you would refer to someone you have just met as -San. The word doctor, for example, is Oisha-san.
     -Sama: Don't be fooled by anime, this isn't used nearly as often as some animes may have you believe. Sama is basically a more respectful form of -San, used to address customers or people of a much higher rank than you in most cases. You probably wouldn't refer to yourself as -sama unless you are being humorous and ironic, because it displays a great arrogance that might get you thrown out of Japan (I kid, I kid).
     -Chama: Chama is a "baby talk" version, if you will, of -Sama, often used to be polite to a person who is your age and equal. It also has been described to me as sounding "cuter" and can sometimes be used similar to "chan" apparently, though less commonly.
     -Tama: Similar to Chama, Tama is a childlike version of Sama, and really is not used by non-children in real life, it seems. I personally, haven't even heard it used in anime (or at least that I can recall) but I will talk about how it might be used later.
     -Chan: This is generally thought of as a "female" term although that's not entirely true. -Chan is a form of San, for one thing, even though it is often thought to be the girl version of kun (which is not entirely untrue either).  It's more used for children, and in childish language. A child, for example, may refer to their grandmother as obaa-chan, and a child may be referred to as their name and chan, such as a little girl named Yuki may be Yuki-chan. However, teenage girls and young women can also be referred to as chan, especially between close friends or lovers. It could be considered a sort of "baby talk" and is basically just supposed to be cute, hence why it is mostly used for cute girls, children, and animals. Female students are often addressed this way by teachers.
     -Tan: -Tan is the childlike version of -chan, which is interesting because -chan started out being the childlike version of -san (hence why -kun is not the male counterpart, because -kun has nothing to do with -san) before -chan basically became its own honorific. Funny how language works, huh? Tan is essentially a mispronunciation of -san (or -chan) and therefore is associated with children, specifically very young children. -Tan or -Tama can be used in anime for children (for realism), or non children (probably teenager) for cuteness because it is considered adorable, but similar to "baby talk" in the Western world would probably stop being cute very fast if you went to Japan and started speaking in it.
     -Kun: It is not entirely true that Kun is the male equivalent of -chan, but they are similar. -Kun is informal and used between males of the same age and status, or a superior to an inferior male. Similar to chan, it is used for male children, but male children can also be referred to as -chan. It depends partly on the name of the child. Also similar to chan, teachers often address male students as -kun, and it can be attached to a given or family names. Elders may refer to teenage boys or young men as -kun, as well. 
     Senpai: The misuse of this word is so common and it bothers me so much. Honestly, this word and the next one are half the reason I made this in the first place. I actually had to correct my (also Otaku) boyfriend when he called me "Senpai" once. Senpai is often used in school or clubs to refer to senior students (such as a freshman referring to a Junior as -Senpai). But this "Notice me Senpai" thing has gotten so many people to think it means something along the lines of "crush", and I've even heard people use it as an adjective. I kid you not, I have heard girls say "he is so senpai". Like what the heck??! I am so sorry for ranting, and I honestly don't know why it bothers me so much, but that is a prime example of how to spot a weeaboo, in case you needed another example. Senpai also doesn't have to be male, but some people think it does. If the person you are talking about it in a lower grade than you, then he or she is not your Senpai but rather your...
     -Kohai: So, some people think Kohai is the feminine version of Senpai. Considering most people in the western world don't even seem to know it's a word, I guess I can't fault them for coming to the conclusion, at least they're trying, but please, do you're research. Kohai and Senpai can both apply to either gender, and kohai is quite the opposite. It is what a Senpai would refer to their Junior classmate, so like a Senior maybe addressing a Sophomore or something, although, what we would consider a Sophomore would be a freshman in Japan...but that's for another post.
     -Sensei: So, this one most commonly will refer to a teacher in anime, but that is not necessarily the meaning. Sensei means "former born" and can refer to many things such as doctors, lawyers, and even musicians or manga artists. It is respectful and similar to Senpai can be used as a title, as well as an honorific.
     Hakase: This is sort of like a higher version of Sensei. It is kind of like the difference between a teacher (sensei) and a professor (hakase). There are some other honorifics, specifically pretty formal ones, but you don't really need to know about them for anime, so I'll stop with the honorifics here.
     Kawaii (K-ah-w-ah-ee): Now let's get onto some common words in anime, presuming you watch subbed. This word, often mispronounced by Americans, literally just means "cute". Weeaboos love this word.
     Kowaii: Scary. It can sound very similar to kawaii, so think about context.
     Baka: The meaning sort of changes depending on context, but it basically is insulting someone's intelligence and is most often translated as "idiot" or "stupid". It can be silly and friendly when used jokingly between friends, but in the right setting can also be insulting.
     Pantsu: Used most often in ecchi (and I presume hentai) meaning panties.
     Oppai: Also used in ecchi, meaning breasts in the sense of a human female's breasts...not like a chicken breast or anything, that would be "torimuneniku".
     Danmari: To be silent. The word dan-dere is derived from this. Similar to damaru (to stop talking), but danmari seems to be more of a demeanor and damaru is a behavior.
     Itai: This means hurt or painful.
     Kami: God.
     Jigoku: Hell, hence Jigoku shoujo (Hell Girl).
     Yami: Dark. Think Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh (Dark Yugi).
     Hikari: Light. I have heard people refer to the word light as being "Raito" because of Death Note, but that is incorrect. That was a character's name derived from an English word, so unless you are talking about Light Yagami (Yagami Raito), say hikari.
     Kokoro: Heart in the context of spirit. Think of it like the heart in Kingdom Hearts as opposed to the beating organ inside of you right now. That would be shinzou. The last "oh" in the word is pronounced quickly and softly, almost a "ruh" sound. 
     Nani: What. And whenever I read this word, for some reason I always think of Iceland from Hetalia.

     Obviously, there are so many more words in Japanese, and I will teach more of them to you in future posts, this was more of to clear up some confusion about anime terms. I hope you learned something, and maybe can stop using some of these words (Senpai) incorrectly.