Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I WAS RIGHT!!! Kingdom Hearts Braig's Name

     This is a post I really should have written in 2012, but I don't even think I had this blog back then. Anyway, if any of you have seen and remember my post about the pronunciation of the names of Organization members (and their somebodies), you'll recall that I mentioned I believed Braig's name would be pronounced as such: Br-aye-g.
     As mentioned, when I first found out I was correct about his name, I don't believe this blog existed, and by the time it did (even by the time I wrote the post about their names) I had forgotten all about that scene. Just a head's up, this will contain a few spoilers for 3D Dream Drop Distance.
     I had been going through some of my old posts and came across the one I had written for the pronunciation of the names in the game, and was, once again, pondering when we would be able to learn the true way to say some of the names, such as Braig. It occurred to me that in DDD, Lea awakens and ponders the whereabouts of the two missing members who should have also woken there: Isa, and Braig. I then realized, if I went back through the game, he probably said their names, their human names. But, I'm lazy and didn't feel like going all the way back through, so instead, I looked up a YouTube video for the scene where they all wake up, and we not only get the pronunciation of Braig, but also Aeleus.
Check it out: 
     So, there you go, one of our questions is solved.

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