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Undertale The Angel of Death: Asriel

     Hey friends! I would like to start this out by saying, yes I have seen Gaijin Goombah's video about this, but no, I am not stealing this from him. I thought about this long before I even knew who he was, I just am a bit behind because I procrastinate. Seriously, I still have drafts from a year ago I've never posted on this blog. Oh, and if you have no clue who I am talking about, check him out:
     So, when I first heard Asriel's name, my first thought was not "Oh hey, that's a combination of Asgore and Toriel", nor, "Oh, his name is Serial Murderer scrambled up". Yeah, I found both of these out later, but my absolute first thought was, "Hey, his name is that of the Angel of Death from Catholicism. I wonder if that was done on purpose". I'm not Catholic, but I am Christian, and this made me wonder if Toby, perhaps, shared my faith. I haven't found anything on that, but the deeper I looked into this, the more I thought it was, indeed, purposeful.
     If you read the runes in the Underground, you will see the prophecy held by the monsters about an angel who will free them all. If you talk to Gerson, he mentions that some monsters have taken a more morbid and cynical approach to this legend, referring to said angel as the "Angel of Death", who will free all of the monsters by destroying them, rather than the barrier. At first glance, and this was my first impression of this, the prophecy is speaking about the player, or rather, the human.
     I mean, think about it, I bet all of you were thinking the same thing, right? We, the player, are the angel, right? Obviously, we've seen the surface, as that is where we hail from, as a human, and we are the one to save all the monsters by destroying the barrier. If the player decides to do a Genocide Run, we destroy the Underworld, freeing them through death, just as some of the monsters have taken to believing, becoming the so called, "Angel of Death". that that's settled...what's with the "Asriel" in the title of this post?
     Remember when I was talking about how when I had first heard Asriel's name, I thought of the Catholic angel by the same name? Yeah, I believe this was done intentionally. When you think about it, and of course, this is going to involve spoilers, so warning for that, after the first human child died, in a fit of grief, Asriel absorbed the fallen human's soul, and became immensely powerful. Powerful enough, even, to cross the barrier. He had seen the human world, and that's when it occurred to me: the prophecy does not say and angel FROM the surface, it says who has SEEN the surface. I know, I know, semantics, semantics. Obviously, someone from the surface would have seen it...unless, of course, Frisk is blind, but anyway, the phrasing seems important. The prophecy doesn't call for someone who is from the surface, but who has seen it, likely, someone who was from the Underground, such as Asriel. When Asriel crossed the barrier, he lay Chara down on the flowers from the village, and was attacked by the humans, who thought he had murdered the child. When he returned to the Underground, he collapsed, and his dust spread across the golden flowers in Asgore's garden. Hopefully, we all knew this, and if you didn't...I did say SPOILERS, so there. When he was revived into Flowey, he lacked a soul, and at the end of a True Pacifist run, he absorbs the souls of all monsters in the Underground, regaining his true form. After saving Asriel, he reverts back to being a small child, crying, and explaining himself, before vowing (and acting upon said vow) to break the barrier with the stolen power and return all of the souls back to their owners.
     Why am I telling you all this? I mean, this sounds like a random thing to bring up, right? Well, bear with me. Even though the destruction of the barrier was sort of our doing, I mean, we ARE the ones that risked our life to save our friends and Asriel, and indirectly convinced him to shatter the barrier, but technically, we did not do it. Asriel did. It was his power, stolen or otherwise, and his decision to do so. So, in a way, Asriel freed the monsters, not Frisk.
     And that was the point of this entire post. Frisk is not the prophetic angel spoken about in the Underground, Asriel is. He has seen the surface, but is not from there, and has freed the monsters by shattering the barrier, even if this was brought on by the actions of Frisk. And it all makes sense, right down to his name.
     Anyway, I'm done. Like I mentioned before, if you haven't checked out Gaijin Goombah, I highly suggest doing so.

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