Friday, March 11, 2016

The First Ending To WataMote is the Best Ending Song in Anime!

     ...And no one can tell me otherwise.This also goes back to the reason I love Tomoko in the first place. The song, by the way, is called "No Matter How I Look At It, It's Not My Fault" and can be found on YouTube full and TV sized, and with or without English subs.
     So basically, the song is of a similar theme to the anime and manga itself: about how socially awkward she is and how she has no friends but it is TOTALLY not her fault at all that this is the case.
     The cool thing about this song, and the reason I love Tomoko as a character in the first place, is it feels so real. Similar to the main character, basically, this song is a mess wrapped in a pretty package. In Tomoko's case, she is socially awkward and generally considered "strange" with no friends or social life, but she is, in her own way, kind of adorable. The song's music is catchy and fun, but the vocals are awful half the time. Tomoko's singing is horrible. And she is the vocalist. It's not so grating that it makes your ears bleed or anything, but there are several times in the song where she is off key and even, at one point, she breaks into a coughing fit. The background vocals sound so bored, like they were just told to come here and say a few lines, but they would really rather be in bed.
     The way I am describing it is truthful, but it's hard to make it sound as awesome as it really is. In the end, Tomoko doesn't even ave the redeeming quality of being a good (or even decent) singer, but I like that. Instead of the normal anime character who's faults are considered adorable or charming, and she has very few good qualities which out weigh her poor ones, which, to me, makes her feel much more tangible and real, even if her life sucking is probably a bit more dramatic than what most social "outcasts" go through.
     Yuu also has a version of this song, but I never liked it as much, to be honest. It's not bad, and the singing is adorable. It's just...I've always liked Tomoko's better. I guess it's probably for the same reason stated above. Yuu's voice is cute and gentle and makes her sound too...perfect.
     Part of it could also stem from the fact that I have very little faith in my own singing abilities, and I suppose I really enjoy finding songs that are appealing BECAUSE of their poor vocal quality, rather than in spite of it, because it gives me more confidence, and if anime can inspire someone, then I think it's good.
     Anyway, if you have no idea what I'm talking about...then I don't know why you kept reading, But I suggest you watch the anime and listen to the ending song. I know how you guys are. Skipping the ending song that someone worked hard on.

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