Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Popular CreepyPasta Character I Don't Like Too Much

     I believe I have said this in a couple other posts, but I would like to repeat this for a few posts just so that everybody sees it. My computer is out of commission, which means I am using my Dad's laptop and might see if I can use the library computers. I have no idea when my laptop will be functional again, so updates may be less frequent, but I have been writing posts and plans in one of my notebooks, so eventually, you might get a mass update.
     So, CreepyPastas. For those who do not know, a Creepypasta is an online horror story in its technical definition, deriving from the internet slang "CopyPasta", which took the words "copy" and "paste" in reference to short stories that would circulate the internet and basically go viral. Creepypasta is the horror form of that. However, as it has developed, Creepypasta has come to mean specific stories on a particular site (although, not exclusively, the original definition still applies), and with this comes original characters deriving from these stories, such as Laughing Jack, Jeff the Killer, etc, which are usually pretty cool characters. However, I am not going to talk about those ones, and a lot of you are probably going to hate me. Because the character I dislike is not one of the "acceptable" ones to hate, like say Nina the Killer. I am going to talk about Sally, from the story, "Play With Me".
     This story is by the DeviantArt person (this is where I was introduced to the character) La-Mishi-Mish and can be found basically everywhere (quotev, Mishi's DeviantArt page, tumblr). Now I am going to say right now, as a disclaimer of sorts I suppose, I do not hate Sally. In fact, I sort of have a love-hate relationship with the character. I was first introduced to Sally Williams through the pictures that Mishi draws, which are sometimes creepy, but often depict some of the CreepyPasta characters (Slenderman, Jeff, Eyeless Jack, and BEN, namely) interacting with one another in a  familial way. It's kind of like the "Slender Mansion/CreepyPasta Family" quizzes and stories you find everywhere, and even though I do feel like we should remember that these characters we adore are supposed to be homicidal psychopaths, it is fun to sometimes draw and write them in a more light hearted manner, and imagining what they might be like if you were to shove all of these psycho killers in the same living space together. This isn't really an issue.
     For one thing, sometimes Sally feels almost like a Mary-Sue character, not necessarily in the sense that her personality is clichéd or that she is overpowered, because I honestly don't know what sort of powers she may or may not have (the story did not make it clear) and I also wouldn't say that her personality is overly unusual for a murdered little girl, a bit of dead mixed with tea parties I suppose, but it feels like all of the other characters absolutely love her, probably for the sole reason that she is a small child, even when some of them should probably hate her. Slenderman and Laughing Jack in particular. The Laughing Jack thing is more in response to quizzes I have taken and stories I have read, because I don't think La-Mishi-Mish draws him a whole lot, and maybe it's because she is already dead that they like her, but...don't Slenderman and Laughing Jack murder children?? I know that the fandom has basically turned Slenderman into a formal, elegant patriarch of the CreepyPastas, but still, what part of "kidnaps and kills kids" is difficult? Honestly though, I feel like he is less the issue than LJ, because at least Slenderman has the fact that A) he isn't a creepypasta, and B) he is heavily based on old legends mostly from Europe that created an unclear mythos for the creature at the time labelled the "Tall Man" in English. And many people have liked to believe that Slenderman does not actually murder children, but that's not the point of this post. Laughing Jack, however, has a clear mythology, and it seems pretty obvious that he very greatly enjoys his work in slaughtering little kids, such as Sally. I think, more realistically, Laughing Jack would be furious that there is this little girl right here, that he literally cannot kill. Laughing Jack does not seem to particularly like children (anymore) considering he purposefully chooses this age range as his victims of a gruesome murders, planning to tear out their insides, as opposed to a character that likes children and therefore surrounds him/herself with them and just so happens to accidentally kill them somehow (not realizing that what s/he does will end in their death, losing his/her temper and losing control). Laughing Jack knows what he is doing. And if Sally is just "different" that almost proves my point about her possibly being a Mary-Sue. But even giving her the benefit of the doubt, there is more I have to say about Sally.
     She is adorable. This is one of my main issues with her. I do not think Sally is scary, mostly because she doesn't seem to do anything. However, this is also one of the reasons why I like her. First off, the pictures that she is involved in that I was talking about earlier, where she and some of the other characters basically act like a family? I love them. The art style is cute and a lot of the drawings are pretty amusing. Sally herself is the cutest thing in the world, but she's supposed to be a CreepyPasta.
     Now let's move onto her story. I'm going to give a quick break down, so warning for spoilers, but if you want to read the whole story, seriously just type in "Play With Me Sally Creepypasta" and you're sure to find it. So basically, this little girl Sally is eight years old and her Uncle Johnny is going to come visit for a few days. Long story short, he molests her and true to reality, tells her not to tell anyone about their "game" because it's against the rules. So, after Sally's mother notices that the little girl is acting strangely, she asks the child about it and Sally never once says she had a bad dream, but rather says she didn't want to "play his game" and that "he touched me" and "made me touch him". So what does this girl's mother think? Well, clearly, she had a nightmare. Um...what? Honestly, this aspect seriously makes me rage. All of this could have been avoided if this girl's mother was not a freaking moron. What eight year old has a nightmare about a man "touching her"? She shouldn't even know about pedophilia and such at that age! If I had children, and my kid came to me saying stuff like that, I would ask "who did?" and immediately go beat the freaking ever loving crap at whoever messed with my baby. Even if it was a bad dream that she was talking about, there's still an issue there! Something is wrong! Of course, Sally's uncle hears about the girl "breaking the rules" and get's angry, killing her. That's basically it. The end is the fact that Sally is a ghost now. I don't think she even kills anything. It's not stated or even implied that she does. Over all, I have the opposite issue that I had with Jeff the Killer. The story sucked, character was good. In this case, the story is more or less good, but I think if the mother is going to write something like that off as a nightmare, she should not be characterized as loving and doting, but the character is...meh. I think a lot of it is the inexplicable love that all other characters have for her that gets to me though.
     Maybe I'm salty because I know my characters will never be so popular, maybe I wish I had that many people in my life who loved me unconditionally for who I am, or maybe I'm right and the character and story are just overrated. Either way, she is not part of my headcanon for Creepypasta at all, not even if I were to ever write a Slender Mansion sort of thing (which I probably never would), but that's alright. The creator seems like a nice person, and this is in no way anything against them, or anyone else who likes the character. Trust me, there are worst characters out there. I will never hate on anyone for liking Sally, and I have even drawn her occasionally, so this is in no way an attack on anyone or anything, but simply my two cents about a character I personally do not like. I'm pretty much in a CreepyPasta kick again, so I might write more about them. There is one particular post I've been wanting to write for a while, so I might get around to that.

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