Thursday, June 16, 2016

My First Anime Crush

     So, for almost as long as I can remember, I have watched anime, and therefore have accumulated various crushes from these Japanese cartoons. I began watching Pokémon (my first anime) when I was six years old, and soon Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, and others followed, but this was before I really knew what anime was, and before I differentiated it from any other cartoon, aside from noting that I preferred the style.
     Currently, I am re-watching (for probably the hundredth time) Spirited Away, my favorite Studio Ghibli film which I first watched when I was probably about eight or nine years old. Except this time, I decided to see if I could find it in Japanese on the Dragon Box (the holy grail of watching movies and television) and sure enough it was there without subtitles. This got me thinking about anime crushes, and who my (probably) first one was, and I'm sure, if you've seen Spirited Away, you know where I'm going with this.
     So, like I said, I first watched Spirited Away when I was probably about eight years old. My grandmother had taken me to Bangor (because there isn't a BlockBuster anywhere near where she lives), which is about an hour's drive on the interstate with good traffic, to get a movie. I could choose one. Well, Bangor is far and even though I lived there, I wasn't sure when my parents would take me to BlockBuster, so I had to choose a good movie. As I was walking, I saw Spirited Away. The cover looked interesting; it was in the art style I always liked, and when I read the back, it sounded cool, so my grandmother rented this movie for me and we returned to her trailer in Medway, where I proceeded to watch this movie thrice, at least. I was in love. It would be years later than I would discover anime, and other Miyazaki films, but at the moment, I fell in love with this particular movie, and had developed a slight crush on one of the characters: Haku.

     Honestly, I don't entirely know why. I had had crushes on cartoons before, sort of, but I cannot recall ever having a crush on any of the characters in Dragon Ball Z, or Digimon, and I sure as heck wasn't in love with Ash from Pokémon. This was different. Part of it was definitely a physical attraction. In my small child mind, he was CUTE, but I have always been more attracted to personality than appearance, so it had to have been more than that. I think I found him interesting, mostly. He was a complex character and sort of has a lot of mystery about him, so I was fascinated with him from a viewer's perspective, and I definitely liked how kind he was too Chihiro, but so were other characters.
     He is generally kind and gentle toward Chihiro, kind of reminding me of an older brother type, but other times seem quite the opposite, more gruff, for reasons I will not state here in case anyone has not seen the movie. And he's a fantasy creature that I've always been fascinated by anyway (also, I will not mention WHAT he is, because even stating this was spoiler enough), so that may have contributed to it.
     Whatever the reason, I don't feel like I can be attracted to him anymore, because despite his actual age, he physically appears to be young (I would say 12-13, like many), but a few people guess his physical age to be 16, which I disagree with. Even so, he, along with No Face, will always be my favorite characters in this wonderful movie, and I really suggest it, even if you're not usually interested in anime.
     Anyway, who was your first anime crush, if you've ever had one? I would really love to hear what you all have to say. ^^ Also, my computer sort of crashed again, so I'm working on my Dad's laptop, but that means, my updates might not be too frequent for the time being.

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