Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What's Vocaloid?

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     Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about Vocaloid. So, a while back I had been working on a post explaining the Vocaloid "Story of Evil" series, and as I was picking up writing it, I realized, not everyone might know what Vocaloid is. I see it online all the time, the same question, and I too, once asked it: What's Vocaloid?? Is it a game? Is it an anime? A manga? A fan comic? What the heck is this thing?!
     Well, my dear viewers, Vocaloid is none of the above. It is a voice synthesizer. When you have the program (which can be one of many different characters), you type in lyrics and melody and it creates a song for you. Personally, I've never used Vocaloid because it's just so darn expensive (eventually I might be able to though), but I love the songs and it is amazing to see what people can create. There are a variety of characters, the most notable being Hatsune Miku (or Miku Hatsune). They don't technically have personalities and interests, but there's a lot of fanon accepted by the community. I won't go through all the characters, but I'll go through the main ones and maybe a couple others.
Miku Hatsune: Miku is one of the characters with an official age: 16. She is not the first Vocaloid created, but she is the first one that really got people's attention. She is depicted as having a teal or turquoise color scheme, including her hair (tied into two long pigtails) and eyes. Each character has been given a item and hers is a leek. Some songs I personally like by her are World Is Mine, Tell Your World, Rolling Girl, Po Pi Po (It's catchy, don't judge me XD), Bad End Night, Matryoshka, Hitorinbo Envy, Triple Baka, and O Light. There are honestly so many more though. For more of this virtual Diva's songs, check out this video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWK9BZgT010

KAITO: Kaito was one of the first Japanese Vocaloids (by the way, these did not originate in Japan, but I'll devote an entire post to that) and has the color scheme of blue. He, along with Gakupo, are my favorites, but honestly, I love them all. Although he is often paired with Miku (probably because of their colors? I don't know), he has no official age, but KEI portrays him as a "middle aged man". I personally think he is somewhere in the range of 22-25 to be honest, and if I were to pair him with anyone, it would be Meiko, but maybe that's just me. His item is ice cream and fans have given him an unofficial last name: Shion. Some songs I like by him are "I Wish They Would Just Die/It Would Be Good If They Died", Judgement of Corruption, Brother Is Worried (Because it's hilarious and I love the mv), Kaito's Ice Cream Song (I sing this one all the time, specifically when I'm eating ice cream and it drives my parents insane), Imitator, Meltdown (I love all versions but his voice in this song gives my heart a meltdown), True My Heart, and Kaito Ga Uninstall. Considering he's one of my favorite Vocaloids, it's really hard for me to not just keep naming songs forever, but here's a video for more of his songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvT5L2oIorc    

MEIKO: She was the first Japanese Vocaloid and has the theme of red. Similar to Kaito, she does not have a canon family name nor age, but I think she is in her early to mid twenties, similar to Kaito, and her item is sake. I don't listen to her as often, so this list will probably be short but some of the songs by her that I like are Silent Snow, Evil Food Eater Conchita, and Lullaby. Her voice is quite beautiful though.

Len Kagamine: I was trying to decide whether or not I should do the twins separately or together, and I decided on individually. Rin and Len are actually not twins, but apparently, were intended to be kind of like "mirror images" of each other, and I'm going to be honest, most of the songs I like by the time are duets, but individually I like are Servant of Evil and...that's all I can think of. Oh wait, "I Don't Care Who Somenody Go Out With Date With Me" is one of my favorites. His item is a banana. He and Rin's officially "age" is 14.  
Rin Kagamine: She is basically the female counterpart to Len, and they are sold as a pack. Her voice can go quite high and still actually sound really good, and her fanon item is a...bulldozer. Because logic. Everyone else has a food...let's give her a freaking bulldozer! Alright, technically, her item is an orange, but ask most fans and they WILL say bulldozer, I guarantee you. Anyway, some of the individual songs I like by her are Daughter of Evil, Regret Message, The Lost One's Weeping, I Wanna Be a Princess, Fear Garden (one of the first Vocaloid songs I heard, great first impression huh?), Demon Girlfriend, and I Like You I Love You. And "I Can Take Off My Panties" is worth noting just because of how hilarious it is.
Kagamine Twins: Some of the songs I really love by the twins are Remote Control, Childish War, Like Dislike, Adolescence (Although I don't think of it as an incest song) and Trick and Treat.                  
Luka Megurine: Luka's color scheme is pink and her official age is 20. Her item is sushi and during her development, the creators were actually attempting to create a "sexy" sounding Vocaloid, but her voice turned out to be too soft. I like her, but similar to Meiko, I honestly don't listen to her songs as much. The ones I can think of that I really like though are Lie, Kagome Kagome (duet with Miku), Heart Beats, Drop Pop Candy (a duet with Rin), Luka Luka Night Fever, and Circus Monster.

Gakupo Kamui: When my boyfriend first saw a picture of Gakupo, he thought he was a girl. His color is purple and item is an aubergine, and he, along with KAITO, is one of my favorite Vocaloids. He has no official age but I have always pictured him as being a couple years older than Kaito (so, about 24-28). Gakupo is often paired with Luka and I actually like this pairing. Some of the songs by him that I really like are Go Google It (a hilarious duet with Luka), Madness of Duke Venomania, Imitation Black (with Kaito and Len), and Dancing Samurai (of course).

GUMI: Her color scheme can be considered to be orange or green, and her item is a carrot. She has no official age, but she was intended to be a teenager. I personally have always thought of her as being around Miku's age, if not maybe a little older. Some of her songs that are really good are Candy Candy (a cover of the song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu),  The Secret of the Goldfish, Ah It's a Wonderful Cat's Life, Crazy Night, Ten Faced, and My Crush Was a Monster Boy. For more songs by her, check out this list:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGU-AOWwVE8

Oliver: Oliver is an English Vocaloid who has no official or fanon item, but is drawn with a finch (James) on his shoulder. He also does not really have an associated color, but considering the color of his outfit, it could be considered navy. His official age is twelve years old and he seems used for covers more often than original songs. My favorite song by him currently is Secrets of Wysteria, but he has a lot of good songs, and I suggest you check them out.

Yuki Kaai: As tall as ten big apples and the age of 9, is the absolutely adorable Yuki. Her voice provider was never released for legal reasons, as she is actually voiced by a young child. Yuki's voice is super cute, but similar to Oliver, I feel like I know more of her covers than original songs. Forgotten Girl is a good song and I adore her covers of Five Nights at Freddy's and Tell Your World.

Kiyoteru Hiyama: Kiyoteru was introduced as Yuki's teacher, and has the fanon item of coffee and/or a notebook. His voice reminds me a lot of Kaito, to be quite honest, but I still like it. Similar to Yuki and Oliver, I hear more of his covers than original songs, but I know Under the Darkness and Hole Inside Me, which are good. His official age is 22 years old.

     There are so many other Vocaloids, but if I were to write all of them here, this post would take an eternity for you to read. I'll devote another blog post or two to some of the characters I missed, and maybe I'll write about the fanon personalities given to each of the Vocaloids. I hope that you enjoyed this, even if you already knew about Vocaloid and the characters, but if you didn't, I hope I maybe sparked some sort of interest in you. It really is quite amazing to see what people can create with these programs.

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