Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Official Genders of the FNAF Animatronics

     Alright, I know that the fandom for this game series has died down a bit, but I still love the games (even if the majority of the fans irritate me to no end) and this is an argument that has STILL BEEN GOING ON. Also, with the fifth game coming out (I told everyone! I SAID that there needed to be five Five Nights at Freddy's games, but nobody believed me, why didn't they believe me? Sorry, I'm done) the hype is real, dudes. And...this argument seems so simple but no one ever seems to want to listen. This is not about theories or opinions. The post you are reading is going to explain the canonity of these genders. So, here we go. (Also, I started this post about FNAF 2 being a sequel or prequel that I never finished, so expect that out sometime uh...eventually). I would also like it noted that I am strictly talking about the Animatronics. I understand that robots do not actually have genders, as they lack genitalia (well, these ones do anyway) but they are modeled after a gender with an intended sex, so here we go.
     I'm going to get the easiest ones out of the way first. These have all been confirmed by Scott Cawthon.
     Freddy Fazbear: Obviously male. Not really an argument here.
     Chica the Chicken: Another obvious one, in my opinion anyway. Her name literally means "girl" in Spanish, but even if that didn't convince you, Scott has confirmed that she is female.
     Foxy the Pirate Fox: Obviously male. You can even hear his voice singing sometimes if you have the camera on his stage.
     Bonnie the Bunny: Confirmed to be male. Ah, remember when everyone was arguing about him? I do understand this, of course, considering his name is "Bonnie", but still. Now we have the Puppet, Toy Bonnie, and Mangled to argue pointlessly about.
     Toy Freddy: Male. Obviously.
     Toy Bonnie: So I am going to say right now that it has been confirmed that none of the Toy Animatronics have different genders than the originals. Therefore, Toy Bonnie is male regardless of eyelashes and make up. And just to be clear, I understand that cartoons usually portray only female characters as having eyelashes, but guys do have these as well. And Toy Chica, one of the two only confirmed females in the game, lacks eyelashes, just saying. Anyway, male.
     Toy Chica: Again, she, along with the original Chica, are the only confirmed females (not including the fifth game, Nightmares, Phantoms, or Shadows). Also, once again, the Toy's genders do not differ from the originals. Female.
     Mangle: So, here is the first more difficult one. And I sort of lied, because there is no confirmation (purposefully done on Scott's part) about it's gender. When I first saw Mangle, just like most others, I was thinking "female". First off, I know that guys can wear and like pink, but when you think about a kid's restaurant, usually pink is assigned to girls. However, when I learned that the Toy Animatronics retain the same gender, I realized that "she" was probably a "he", and if you asked me before the fifth game's trailer came out, I probably would have still stuck by this. For the longest time I have been arguing that it is male because the Phone Guy refers to it as such (sort of) and again, Toy Animatronics' genders do not change. But now that the whole "Funtime Foxy" is a thing...I might be mistaken. Especially because Scott has been so secretive about the gender. Even with the FNAF World thing where there are two messages about Mangle, one referring to it as "he" and the other as "she". Some people have taken this to mean Mangle is "gender fluid", but I doubt it. First off, a robot is unlikely to be "gender fluid" unless programmed as such, even with an AI, especially not at a Children's Place. For one thing, the 80s was more conservative about things like that, and there would be no reason for this anyway, because again, Mangle is at the restaurant in the 80s (and gender fluid is a new thing, one of those silly Tumblr Special Snowflake things in my opinion, but my views aside) and is a robot without enough self-awareness to choose a gender. Even if the newer animatronics also have children haunting them, the child is unlikely to be this either, as children usually just stick with the gender they have. Personally, I believe that Scott did this to keep the gender a mystery without referring to the Mangle as it. Although I have begun to think that Mangle is Funtime Foxy, instead of Toy Foxy, and may be female, I still sort of have the idea that it might be male because of what Phone Guy says in Night 3 of the second game though: "They redesigned him and put him in Kid's Cove". But it is unclear if used the pronoun "he" because he was still talking about Foxy, or if it's because Mangle is also intended to be male. However, to all those saying that the voice actor made a mistake, Phone Guy is voiced by Scott, so this was intentional phrasing. I do think it would be kind of cool if Mangle is female though, have another chick in the game. For now, just go with whichever pronoun you wish, in my opinion, but stop the senseless arguments. There is no confirmation and that is by choice of the creator! No one is right yet.
     The Puppet/The Marionette: Confirmed to be neither. It. I personally think it looks more masculine, so I switch between saying "it" and "he". Deal with it. If you don't like it, bite me. Honestly, I don't care which pronoun people use, but it really does bother me when people senselessly argue about and are just absolutely heck bent that they are right. No, you are not. Sit down and calm yourself.
     Balloon Boy: Male. Obviously. It's in the name.
     Balloon Girl: Has she even been confirmed to exist? I don't remember. Either way, female, obviously.
     Cupcake: I don't think it was modeled after a gender, but everyone calls it Carl, so I'd say male.
     Golden Freddy: I honestly don't know if this is confirmed or not, but I know some people say Golden Freddy is female, I disagree. Personally, I thought it was another "obvious" one but there is a small debate about it. I think male.
     SpringTrap: Another one that I don't think is confirmed. Obviously we know the spirit possessing it is male, but that doesn't matter for this post. I personally have always thought that it's male, and I think most everyone agrees, but I don't think it's been confirmed.
     I'm not going to go into the Phantoms and the Shadows and the Nightmares because they all probably have the same genders if any. So, this is what I've got. When the next game comes out, I'll post one about that too. I already have ideas about the genders, but I want to wait for the game to actually come out first.
     I know this won't help the debates at all, but at least I finally got my two cents out there, so I hope we can all at least try to get along and not be such a cringe-worthy fandom. Please? Anyway, stay awesome guys! I'll try to update soon. ^^

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