Wednesday, September 14, 2016

From HufflePuff to Slytherin

     So this is a personal anecdote, but I will probably be writing more posts about Harry Potter in the near future, as I am planning on re-reading the series...for the third time. Anyway, I'll try to throw in some other things as well for the non Harry Potter lovers, but I do have an obsessive personality, so just be aware of that. When Pottermore first came out, I was one of the first people on it when it was released to the public. Personally, I liked the site better back then than now, but whatever, that's just my opinion,
     Anyway, I took the Sorting quiz and was disappointed to find that I was a (*drumroll*) HufflePuff. Not that a Hufflepuff is bad, but I know they are kind of the "forgotten" house if you will and I was honestly really hoping to get Ravenclaw. Well, recently, I signed up for Pottermore again because I couldn't remember or find my old password, and I took the quiz again. I was still holding out hope for RavenClaw, but figured I would get HufflePuff again. Nope.
     My results was the dreaded Slytherin. I mean, at least I didn't get Gryffindor, which I feel is the most overrated house, but Slytherin? I'm going to say that I understand not all Slytherins are bad, in fact, Merlin was a Slytherin, but when it seems like every jerk and/or villain in the books was a Slytherin, what am I supposed to think? And yes, I realize that not every person who was a jerk was actually Slytherin, but that's the rep they (we?) get. Now I'm going to have to feel like I need to justify my house whenever the subject comes up, not that HufflePuff was really that much better.
     But that's the thing. I felt like I wouldn't be taken seriously by the community when I was a HufflePuff (especially when my rebuttal was always "at least we're loyal and accepting"), but I was starting to come to terms with it. I was becoming proud of my house. And then all of that was stripped away, and I have to start the process over again. That being said, I'm glad I never actually bought that Hufflepuff scarf I was planning on getting.
     Although, let's be real, you know I'm going to buy both. I'll have pride for both houses. It does make me wonder though. I mean, HufflePuff and Slytherin are two very different houses, so if in real life, I could change so drastically to be assigned to a practically OPPOSITE house from my original in just a few years (alright, more than "a few", but still), I wonder how often that happens to the characters in the world of the books, except, they stay in the original house. How many HufflePuffs should have been transferred to Slytherin? Slytherin to Gryffindor? Just some food for thought, I suppose.
     ...Also, I would like to point out that Gryffindor is the only house name that is not shown as incorrect by spellcheck. Like I said, overrated.

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