Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's Me FNAF Theory (AKA Hey, Look What I found in One of my Old Notebooks)

     So I was working on going through my old sketchbooks and notebooks and guess what I found. A way old theory that I posed in, like, Junior year. After a quick check on my posts, I realized I never put this up. So keep in mind, I wrote this before the fourth game came out and have typed it up EXACTLY as written (sans a couple spelling mistakes since I was writing this quickly in AP Physics):

     Was it you? Or was it me? I knew this franchise wasn't done (I still think there needs to be five games, five Five Nights at Freddy's) and we seem to be nearing the release of FNAF 4, my mind has been working. So, if any of you guys have been keeping up with Scott's website, you may have seen a picture similar to this:
Image result for scott fnaf 4 was it me
     A nightmare version of the four original animatronics complete with sharp teeth and terrifying expressions with the imposed question, "Was it Me?" I'm pretty sure we've all assumed this is meaning the bite of 87', which makes me think (if this hasn't been confirmed yet) that the game will take place in 1987, similar to the second game, or there will be more mini-games detailing what happened. One thing I noticed is the one animatronic from the first game they left out and the phrasing of the question. Where's Golden Freddy? Because I haven't seen him so far. And does anyone remember the hallucinatory words that would float in front of you associated with the golden bear? "It's Me". Of course, this goes against some pretty sturdy fanon theories that have been commonly accepted. First one is that Foxy (and after the second game, Mangle) is the perpetrator of the bite, do to his seemingly unhinged jaw and sharp teeth, but let's be real, these things are made of metal. If any one of them (besides the Puppet, but I don't even think he's a robot and we all know he didn't do it) chomped down on your frontal lobe, the force and material alone could be enough to kill, led alone seriously injure. The other thing this goes against, is the less concrete thought that the "It's Me" is meaning one of the murdered children saying that s/he has come back from the dead, but the phrase is so vague that I feel this could be easily discredited. On top of that, people think Foxy may have been the biter because he's "Out of Order" and definitely in a state of disrepair, but we don't even know where Golden Freddy fits in at all. He could simply be a hallucination, or he could have been an old animatronic that was retired do to a malfunction which may or may not have involved biting an employee, parent, or child in the head. I feel this especially holds up if we presume, as some have, that Mike is the victim of the bite, which could explain why he would be having this hallucination, although I can't fathom why he would decide to work here in the first place if that were the case (though he may not remember).
     That's it, I guess, just some simple musings. We won't know for sure until the game finally comes out. So anyway, long story short, I think Golden Freddy caused the bite of 87'.

     If only I had known. I don't know why I never posted this, but I presume I was editing it and lost track of the journal and/or forgot about the post altogether.

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