Wednesday, December 7, 2016

So This Moron Pissing Me Off on TF2

     Alright, I am going to preface this by saying: I AM OVERREACTING. That's the thing. I know I'm overreacting, and normally, I wouldn't give this a-hole a second thought. I'm a good player, I've got a good life, I have no reason to be so angry about this. But I am. And I don't know why.
     I'm not new to Team Fortress 2. I've been playing it for like 4 or 5 years, despite it not being the type of game I normally would have picked up on my own (I don't like people, and only recently have really gotten into computer games, so a team based computer game really isn't normally up my alley), and I know that people can be idiots and jerks online, but I think this was just so new to me that in a way, I didn't know how to react. So here we go, enjoy my rant. ^^"
     I haven't played spy in a while (because everyone plays spy and you really just don't need more thank like three (even that's pushing it in my opinion) spies, but for capture the flag, the mode I was playing, spies can be pretty helpful, and no one had chosen to be spy yet. So, what the heck, let's go spy. I choose spy, and I'm pretty darn proud of myself. It's been a while, and it's been probably at least a year since I "regularly" played him, and I'm still thinking I'm pretty good. We gain another spy, but whatever, two can't hurt, and I am just zipping around, sapping sentries, getting healed by dispensers before I sap those too, destroying teleporters, backstabbing two or three enemies before zipping back to base to get more ammo/health, even if I don't really need it. And I'm racking up the points. By the way, this is Landfall, a map I know, but not like I know Tufort, for example. I don't necessarily know all the ins and outs of this map just because, well, I haven't played it as often.
     So at this point I have at least 40 points (to put this in perspective, the other spy had 20 something and the highest was in the seventies). I'm not saying I'm the best spy to ever live and I never make mistakes, but I got 40 some-odd points in like ten-eighteen minutes of the game (I know for a fact it was less than twenty at that point). And then the inevitable happens: I miss a backstab. This comes down to desperation and maybe a bit of ego. I was about to go for the kill on a medic and he starts moving with his soldier toward our intel, and I panic. Newb move, I know, but I uncloak right behind him and miss the stab. I get away safely, managing to run to cover before he even knows where I was, but still.
     And then I hear over the voice chat this kid who sounds 15 tops, something about: "JossyRose, people like you make me cringe" and blah blah blah, how I'm such a horrible spy and whatever. I just kind of ignore it and keep going, not switching to something else because, why would I? I'm treating myself to a game of spy, let me spoil myself, I've been good maining Medic and Scout and Pyro, so let me do this for me.
     So, I keep telling my team, someone needs to go with me. I've sapped the sentry they have right next to their intel like ten times but the engie is right there to fix it so it gets repaired super quickly. No one's listening. Granted, I'm sick with a sore throat and hardly any voice, so this has been in written chat. And then later on, when I haven't even screwed up, he says again how I'm a horrible spy and need to change. Well, we have a Medic, a pyro, and like four scouts, and those are my mains, so, no, I'm going to remain spy. And I say this. Over voice chat. With hardly any voice. In the morning, it had been barely a whisper, but if I strain myself, it just sounds like a sick person, so I say "nope", and his response is: "Oh you're a squeaker. That's why you're gonna be stubborn instead of benefiting the team." Exact words. Um...what? A...squeaker. Screw the "not benefiting the team" part, I'm not even going to argue that, but I'm a what? I've freaking graduated high school! He's comparing me to a twelve year old boy! Does he not realize girls don't sound like that when going through puberty? Not generally anyway. And I'm going to assume with a name like "JossyRose", he can kind of easily presume I'm a chick. When I told him my age, he just freaking refused to believe it, even after I told him I'm sick.
     By the time I left the game, at about just passed the twenty mark (21-22 ish), I had 62-63 points and had pretty much just been like "I'm done" because I was sick (no pun intended) of him and some of the other dumb comments from my team; I just was not in the mood.
     Again, pretty simple, and I've definitely heard worse. I've gotten a good amount (though not too much, I'm impressed and happy to say) of disparaging comments due to my sex. Pretty much the moment some guys hear my female voice: sexual innuendos and comments, "Hey honey, did your boyfriend let you use his account" (again, my name is JossyRose, so uh...), "Girls play this game??!". But for some reason, this was different. In a way, despite myself, it made me doubt myself. I used to MAIN spy and I was pretty good after a little bit of practice and learning from my mistakes, but I guess I'm so used to being a "pro" player that I forgot what it's like when people actually bring your SKILL into question. That hasn't happened in a while because, once again, I'm a pretty decent player. I'd even say I'm pretty good.
     Either way, I guess I just needed a platform to rant.