Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's a Beautiful Thing, The Destruction of Words

     EDIT: So this is something I started forever ago, then decided not to post here, then forgot about. This was spurred from something that was going on months ago, but I feel it is still relevant, but that is the reason for the more rant-ish nature to this post. 

     This is another thing a bit different. Anyone ever heard of "1984" by George Orwell? One of my favorite books. I was watching a YouTube video about Political Correctness and this is what popped into my head: "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength". Needless to say, this is going to be a controversial blog post, so please, if you are only going to read this to get pissy and demonize me and my opinion, go away or at least hold your tongue. I don't mind alternate opinions, but I will always keep an open and peaceful mind when speaking to someone who disagrees and I expect the same courtesy in return. As the runner of this blog, I can and will block you if you just start fights with others, and I would really dislike my first comment on this blog to be a hateful one.
     So, anybody who knows me, and I mean REALLY knows me, knows that I cannot stand the state of the world. I hate that there is still racism, and sexism, and homophobia, and honestly, discrimination in general. I feel like, as a species, we should be passed this already, however, I am not naive enough to believe this will ever actually be the case. Humans are ignorant, and we always will be. People are always going to hate those who are different or who they cannot understand. This is something that sadly, will never be fixed. Now, this is not me saying that we need to just sit back and take it, but how we are going about things isn't any better.
     We have become a society, a world, afraid of words. There are words that should not be used, I agree. I will never utter a racial slur in my life, because I feel all humans should be equal, regardless of skin color. I will never say a hateful thing about a man, simply for him being a man, because I believe that sex does not deem equality. I will never say a homophobic slur. Can you guess why? As a female, I have been teased for being a girl. I have been told that boys are smarter, that boys are stronger, that boys are better. And my response had always been akin to "prove it". I, of all people, understand how words can hurt, but I also understand how words can be overcome and being afraid of words is not the way to do so. We cannot sensor people. We shouldn't be able to. Because I believe in equality and if we can sensor somebody, then we can sensor everybody, and that includes you.
     The internet has essentially become the Thought Police. This feels like the unseen beginnings of 1984. Don't say this word, because it comes from this origin, which is offensive, even if that's not what this means anymore because nobody seems to understand how language works, and that languages evolve and change and origins do not really matter aside from fun trivia or understanding how a word came into existence.
      There are classes now. You can go there to learn to not be a prick. But it's more than that. Don't say the n word because it's racist. Don't say the b word or slut because it's sexist. Don't refer to people as she or he because there are more options now. The special snowflakes, the thought police, whatever your nickname for the extremists, they do want to destroy language. If they were in charge, you could probably be put to death for identifying someone as the wrong gender.
     See, people talk about how memespeak and text talk are reminiscent of shortening the words in the dictionary and taking out others, but I think this is the scarier issue. This is the beginning of the sort of dictation we get a glimpse of in one of my favorite books. And this is where we are headed if things don't change. So be careful what you say, be careful what you think, because thoughts are a crime now, and differing opinions are a death sentence.
     But I suppose I should be more careful about my words. After all, Big Brother is watching.

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